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  1. Butikk Neat Alpha

  2. Butikk Neat Acoustics Orkestra

    Neat Acoustics Orkestra Veil. pris 72 000 kr. 20 % rabatt = 57 600 kr.
  3. Miles

    Black weekend

    Pakketilbud er også en mulighet Atoll og Neat er veldig god match
  4. Miles

    Black weekend

    Black weekend tilbud hos Nordic Sound Design Ta kontakt for tilbud på : Neat Blumenhofer Atoll BAT Balanced Audio Technology www.NordicSoundDesign.no mail. nordichifi@gmail.com tel sms 924 34340
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    R.I.P. (Musikkbransjen)

    Mick Goodrick 1945 — 2022 Mick Goodrick 1945 — 2022 - JazzTimes
  6. Butikk BAT VK P80 Phono

    Extreme Flexibility and Sonic Transparency VK-P80 employs a differential RIAA network, permitting ease of adjustment and improved common-mode noise rejection. The completely passive circuit has fewer components than a more traditional implementation, resulting in improved matching of the RIAA...
  7. Butikk BAT REX 500

    Nyhet : BAT REX 500 Massive Power Output, Simplified Balanced Audio Technology’s flagship solid-state power amplifier, REX 500, represents the culmination of the company’s decades-long pursuit of sonic and engineering excellence. Victor Khomenko, BAT’s chief designer, observes that the...
  8. Butikk BAT int. forsterker

    Balanced Audio Technology BAT VK-80i integrert forsterker basert på 6C33 rør. 55 Watt Silver eller sort finish Veil. pris 119990 kr
  9. Butikk Resonessence Labs Invicta Mirus dac

    RESONESSENCE LABS INVICTA MIRUS DAC Mirus er oppgradert til Signature PRO utgave Veil. pris på RESONESSENCE LABS INVICTA MIRUS SIGNATURE PRO er 90 000 kr. Our top-of-the-line product an outstanding DAC for the ultimate in performance. MIRUS uses a dedicated SABRE 32 (ESS9028PRO) per...
  10. Butikk Blumenhofer acoustics Genuin FS3 mk 2

    Blumenhofer acoustics Genuin FS3 mk 2 Ta kontakt for tilbud
  11. Miles

    Atoll DAC 300

    (478) Atoll Electronique DAC-300 Review #digital #hifi #audiophile #hifireview #digitalmusic - YouTube
  12. Miles

    Atoll DAC 300

    Hi end DAC med SABRE converter ES9038PRO (32 bits/768kHz) Volume kontroll innebygget Balanserte utganger . Fjernkontroll Sort eller silverfinish For mer info om DAC 300 : Converter DAC300 (atoll-electronique.com) Veil. pris 29 900 kr. Nå på tilbud til 25 000 kr. www.NordicSoundDesign.no
  13. Miles

    Omicron Harmonic Stabilizer

    Omicron Harmonic Stabilizer HOW IT'S MADE Harmonic Stabilizer is made of Delrin® polymer with high mechanical standards, includes 3 gold plated steel balls dissipation system. As option and upon request, metal balls can be replaced with ceramic balls. Harmonic Stabilizer has a variable...
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    Forbedre akustikken

    Halifax Oak
  15. Miles

    Forbedre akustikken

    Venter på info. ang dette i fra produsenten
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