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  • Vi lyttet til Lindemann COMBO i Munchen og vi var imponerte over lyden i denne lille boksen.
    Her har du alt i en pakke; Streamer, Forsterker 2x70W (8 ohm), 2 digitale innganger, 3 analoge innganger - 1 av de til platespiller ( MM input 47 Kohm )
    I tillegg kan man enkelt koble til en USB cd drive for å få cd-spiller.
    På toppen av det hele så har denne Pre Out slik at man kan koble til ekstern forsterker!
    Introduksjonspris frem til 1 September er 39990,-

    musicbook_combo-02_ml.jpg musicbook_combo-04_ml.jpg musicbook_combo-07_ml.jpg musicbook_combo-08_ml.jpg musicbook_combo-09_ml.jpg musicbookCOMBO-Remote_ml.jpeg
    The first all-in-one music player from LINDEMANN. The logical continuation of the extremely successful Musicbook series. Fully equipped, with a unique design and truly audiophile genes!
    The Musicbook COMBO joins the proven streaming platform of the Musicbook SOURCE and the power amp technology of the Musicbook POWER. A multitude of features and connectivity options make your tonal dreams come true. Simply connect the matching speakers - and you’re set to enjoy music in its most beautiful form. Rich in detail and yet relaxed, with a large stage or a small ensemble, with vigorous dynamics or soft and soulful.
    No matter whether from streaming services or from a music server, from CDs or LPs, almost every playback is possible and conveniently operable via the app. Also the friends of high-quality headphones get their full money’s worth: the built-in headphone amp sets benchmarks in this class. And the icing on the cake is the excellent phono MM input for turntables!
    The Musicbook COMBO is our distillate from 30 years of experience in the development of amplifiers and digital sources. A true all-rounder and the new heart of your hifi system for many years to come.


    The LINDEMANN streaming platform offers music playback from the internet in studio master quality with 24 bit resolution and a max. sampling rate of 384 kHz. And all that even wireless via wifi. Thanks to WPS the connection with the router is a breeze. An ARM-core high-performance processor and the web update feature make this platform absolutely future-proof.

    The LINDEMANN app is available for both Android and iOS, for smartphones as well as tablets in landscape mode. The album-oriented programming convinces by fluid browsing and a simple, intuitive operation. Via the app you can also control all the functions and settings of the Musicbook COMBO.
    DSD Resampling

    Technologically the Musicbook COMBO has still another ace up its sleeve: by converting all digital signals into the 1-bit DSD format (using an ultra precise master clock), a sound quality is achieved with digitally stored music that is clearly audibly more open and more natural than with conventional D/A converters. This all new approach will also give "normal" recordings in CD quality an exceptionally good sound.

    Via USB the Musicbook COMBO supports the connection of external CD-ROM drives and mutates into a high-end CD player without great effort or costs! After linking the drive it is automatically recognized and the content of the CD displayed on the LINDEMANN app. The CD can then be played back via the app or with the remote control.

    The headphone amplifier of the Musicbook COMBO has a powerful output stage able to drive headphones of 16 – 200 ohms impedance. The built-in amplifier is metrologically and soundwise of the very highest quality. Thus you can listen to your music all by yourself - and with no compromises!

    The Bluetooth function of the Musicbook COMBO enables direct wireless music playback from smartphones or tablets (without a network). Here the A2DP Bluetooth audio transfer protocol guarantees ultimate sound quality.

    The integrated power amplifier delivers power and control just like transparency and tonal timbres. An unbeatable combination with the right loudspeakers.

    As to the circuitry, the phono MM preamp of the Musicbook COMBO is identical to our Limetree PHONO and offers an exceptionally good record sound with a high fun factor.

    A special highlight is the multi-room feature which allows to run several streaming devices in different rooms simultaneously or individually. Convenient controlling is provided by the LINDEMANN app.

    Two analog line inputs allow to connect analog sources like phono amplifier, CD player, tuner or tape recorder.

    The IR remote control, which is included in the delivery, allows not only to set the volume level, but also to navigate through playlists or on a CD.


    Use the newly developed LINDEMANN app to conveniently control the Musicbook COMBO. This is available for both Android and iOS, for tablets also in the particularly clear landscape mode. The app offers an easy to understand, intuitive control of the different sources and a comprehensive menu for the device settings. That way operating the Musicbook becomes a breeze!
    In addition, the integrated multi-room function allows to run several LINDEMANN streamers in different rooms simultaneously or individually.
    And if you still want to use the app of your present streaming provider? Owing to the support of services such as Roon, Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect this is no longer a problem. The Musicbook COMBO will react just as reliably to your inputs and commands.
    And when your smartphone happens to be out of sight: with the included remote control or the multi-function jog wheel you always have the essential functions of the Musicbook under control.
    Connection overview

    The circuitry of the Musicbook COMBO has been optimized – around the powerful streaming platform – for ultimate sound properties.
    In the digital-analog converter we use one of best sounding converter blocks ever, the AK4493 from Japanese digital specialist AKM. Musically, this module convinces by an enormous wealth of detail, natural timbres and a perfect timing. Prior to the actual conversion, all digital input signals are passed through an ultra precise re-sampling process using an MEMS femto clock. The thus created data are completely free from clock jitter: the fundamental requirement for perfect sound with digital music! A further improvement comes with the option of converting the digital data into a 1-bit signal (DSD). Musically speaking, this operation mode is the icing on the cake and opens up a whole new dimension with the room imaging and high-frequency playback.
    The built-in phono MM preamp offers an exceptionally musical reproduction and is identical in design to the highly acclaimed Limetree Phono. The headphone amplifier of the Musicbook also delivers top sound quality and has sufficient output power to drive even demanding headphones. Technically the power amp section of the Musicbook COMBO is identical to the Musicbook POWER. Control and audiophile sound quality go well beyond the price range.


    Critical for the sound of a digital component is, above all, the digital/analog converter. LINDEMANN therefore uses also the re-sampling process in the Musicbook COMBO which has become known from the Musicbook Source.
    In the DSD mode all digital input signals – irrespective of the source – are converted into a high-resolution 1-bit signal (DSD 256) by means of a re-sampling process based on delta-sigma conversion. The resolution is 256 times higher than with the CD. By simple filtering this signal is converted in the converter module directly into an analog signal – without any influence from digital filters or a digital volume control. Digital signal processors (DSP) and their negative sound effects are completely waived. Filtering and volume control take place in the analog domain exclusively. The music signal gained by this “deconstruction“ of the converter is perfectly transparent: with ultimate resolution, brilliant timbres, unrestricted dynamics and a new, absolutely "realistic" atmosphere which reminds of analog reproduction!
    Technical specifications
    Measurement conditions: 22 °C, 230 V mains voltage,
    Audio Precision AP2722
    Mains connection: 90 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz
    Power consumption: 0.5 W stand-by, 16 W operation, 160 W max. Dimensions (W x H x D): 280 x 220 x 63 mm (11 x 8.7 x 2.5 in.)
    Weight: 3 kg (6.61 lbs)
    D/A converter
    Resolution: 768 kHz/32 bit and DSD 512
    Dynamic range: >125 dB
    THD & Noise: <0.001 % (@ 0 dB FS)
    Master-Clock: Ultra low jitter MEMS Femto Clock
    Re-Sampling: with 180 dB dynamics and 32 bit resolution, bit-perfect or DSD
    Re-sampling jitter damping: >60 dB
    Converter architecture: two AK4493 DACs in dual differential mono mode, AK4137 re-sampler
    Network player
    Ethernet: 100 Mbit/s
    WLAN: Dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, WPS support
    Bluetooth: 4.2, A2DP
    USB: High-speed host interface for harddisks, USB sticks,
    CD ROM drives, max. output current 1.5 A
    Supported codecs: WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, MP3, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, DSD
    UPnP and DLNA support
    PCM resolution:
    44.1 kHz up to 384 kHz, 24bit (WLAN up to 192 kHz)
    DSD resolution: DSD 64 up to DSD 256 (WLAN up to DSD 128) Gapless playback
    Streaming services: TIDAL Connect, Qobuz, Deezer, HighResAudio, Spotify Connect
    Internet radio and podcast
    roon ready

    Analog Preamp
    Inputs: two analog line inputs (RCA) with 50 kOhms of input impedance. Max. input voltage 2.5 V. MM input for connecting a turntable.
    Connection values MM: 47 kOhms / 150 pF / 40 dB gain.
    Output: line level output (RCA). Output impedance: 100 ohms. Max. output voltage: 1 V.
    Volume level control range: 0 to 80 dB in 1 dB steps Balance control: + / - 6 dB in 1 dB steps
    Frequency response: 2 – 200 kHz (-3 dB)
    THD & Noise: < 0,001 % @ 3 V output
    Power amplifier
    Poweroutput: 2 x 130 W @ 4 ohms, 2 x 70 W @ 8 ohms.
    THD&Noise: < 0.03 % @ 10 W into 4 ohms Dampening factor: > 500.
    Headphone amp
    Headphone connector: 6.35 mm (1/4“) jack socket
    Headphone gain: 0 dB / 12 dB switchable
    Recommended headphone impedance: 16 - 200 ohms
    Damping factor of headphone output: >100

    Tom Egil



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