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Thales TTT Slim II + Thales Easy Tonearm + EMT HSD 006.
Normalpris på denne pakken er 140.000,-

Vi har Thales TTT Slim II med Thales EASY tonearm for permanent Demo. På tross av sin beskjedne størrelse og fremtoning på bilder, så er dette en spiller man må kikke litt nærmere på. Frest i et massivt stykke aluminium så gir denne et kvalitetsinntrykk fra første stund. Armen er en perfekt match, og her snakker vi om nøyaktighet når det kommer til å oppnå perfekt vinkel på pickup:

Even the Thales tonearm team cannot turn upside down the laws of physics. But where does it come from that this slim and elegant turntable produces such an overwhelming and nuanced sound experience? The secret lies in the sophisticated art of engineering and craftsmanship of its designers: Besides the elaborate construction and the most precise workmanship the TTT SLIM is carefully tuned to our tangential pivoted tonearm THALES EASY.

Due to many years of experience in the field of analogue tracking we were able to develop such a compact turntable meeting the highest requirements at the same time. Its delicate and compact design actually ensures the mechanical stability that could never be achieved by a more extensive concept. Each of the seventy parts has been carefully designed to perform its function in the overall concept perfectly. The turntable is being manufactured in our workshop in Switzerland.

Our short-belt drive system transfers the moment of inertia of motor and flywheel effectively to the main platter. Since the rotary-speed of motor and flywheel is 12x higher than that of the platter they are very important sonically. This hard coupling has been made possible by a carefully calculated spring element that is damped on four points and keeps all vibration away from the chassis but does not allow the motor to move axially.

The most modern battery-drive system (peak capacity 100 W) offers more than twenty hours of listening without connection to the supply network. The battery will be fully charged within a few hours. Together with our cast-iron bearing-case, the hardened and hand-polished shaft, the high density inlay of the platter, and the carefully designed spikes, a quality in music playback is achieved that lets everyone forget about all the technical details.

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