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Selger en T+A Power Bar strømpadde med diverse filtre til ulike typer komponenter. Koster nå 4995 hos OHFC (her)

Befinner seg sentralt i Oslo, men kan sendes for kjøpers regning.

Informasjon fra produsent:
The T+A Power Bar mains distribution panel is designed to act as the central filter and protective device for the entire Hi-Fi system, and it very effectively prevents individual components of the system interfering with each other. It features two (red) sockets for analogue equipment, two (white) sockets for digitally controlled equipment, and two (blue) sockets for fully digital devices. These are de-coupled from each other and from the analogue sockets by separate mantle current filters.Direct mains-borne interference is kept at bay by high-efficiency symmetrical PI filters with current-compensated inductivity. An additional mantle current filter can also be fitted on the cable itself. The metal housing, together with the cable screen, is placed on the protective conductor and thereby provides all-round shielding. This effectively excludes and dissipates external interference fields. The Power Bar features a polarity indicator to ensure correct connection to the mains socket. The Power Bar includes an integral voltage spike guard, which can dissipate voltage peaks of up to 2500 Amps; this is sufficient in almost all cases to prevent such spikes entering the audio equipment.The mains distribution board is designed for mains voltages of 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz and a total current capacity of 16 A, and this can be shared by the individual sockets in any way. Mains-bound interference components are filtered out by a separate mantle current filter, further filtered by a symmetrical current-compensated PI filter, and finally de-coupled at the individual sockets by four matched mantle current filters. Radiated interference components are shielded by the all-metal housing and the full woven screen. The voltage spike guard is triggered at 275 Veff, and can cope with a momentary current of 2500 A for 20 us. Mains phase is indicated by a glow lamp.The standard cable is 2 m long, and terminates in a VDE safety plug. Non-standard lengths can also be supplied. Con-forms to CE standards.(ref:

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