Nola Studio Grand Reference Gold - ny og lavere pris

Kr 65.000
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Annonse nummer: 229547
Strøkne high-end-høyttalere, Nola Studio Reference Gold selges meget fordelaktig. Nypris ca 250k. Høyttalerene er kompakte og lettplasserte.
Kan sees og høres sentralt i Oslo. Har dessverre ikke originalemballasje, så henting er en forutsetning.

Stereophile: "The unit's 160mm bass driver had great bass extension, blending smoothly with the speaker's 120mm midrange and ribbon tweeter. Rated with a frequency range of 32Hz–100kHz, the speaker presents an amplifier-friendly load of 6 ohms minimum and a voltage sensitivity of 86dB/V/m. Driven by a Audio Research Reference 75 amplifier, the speaker pumped out remarkably high and smooth levels of clean sound. "This speaker is like a small dog that doesn't know its limitations," smirked Carl, "it just keeps going."

The Absolute Sound: "The Studio Grand Reference Gold is a relatively compact three-way design that uses a new-for-Nola ribbon-type tweeter, an open-back and therefore dipolar piston-type midrange driver, and a small but very exotic SEAS-made woofer. When driven by Audio Research Corporation electronics, and in particular the astonishingly good, Reference 75 valve-type power amplifier, the Nolas produced a sound that was flat out enchanting, cast big, deep soundstages, serving up excellent resolution of low-level detail (especially in the high end, where the new ribbon tweeter is exquisite), and unexpectedly deep and full-bodied bass. To be clear, then, the Nola/ARC system was not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, yet it did offer really impressive value for money, giving listeners a big taste of what a mid-six-figure audio system might have to offer, but for a fraction of that sum."
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