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Annonse nummer: 128909
Smått legendarisk integrert forsterker fra franske Lavardin selges for 12 000 kr (ca 1/3-del av nypris). Tenk Naim møter Doxa møter triode, sagt noe flåsete.

Kjøpt hos Audio Art i 2012. Lavardin sier forsterkerne deres er laget for 30 års drift uten recap eller annet (med forbehold om potmeter og inngangsvelger).

Den har IKKE riaa eller fjernkontroll.

Har original emballasje og kvittering. Lånte bilder.

Et vell av ekstatiske tester - google.

What HiFi: "The Lavardin is full-bodied and rich, without ever sounding overcooked in the bass or rounding-off treble.

On the subject of treble, it shimmers and sparkles in a manner we've rarely heard, without any hint of excess harshness or spikiness.

Such a formidable array of talents means the Lavardin is at home with all types of music. It charges along with Springsteen and sooths with Sinatra.

Whatever you listen to, this little amplifier will lap it all up and deliver the sound in a wonderfully natural, convincing manner.

Judged purely on sound, the Lavardin is an outstanding bargain."

The Absolute Sound: "Makes just about every other amp you´ll compare it to sound smeared, muddled, confused. But the best bit is that all that clarity and organization are musically natural in presentation. Stable and open with fabulous micro-dynamics, the Lavardin is the antithesis of clinical, breathing life and energy into the performance"

HiFi+: "Total realism and incredible pinpoint soundstage accuracy .... If you want to "get to know the band", and meet the conductor of the orchestra, and feel the tears rolling down Otis's face, buy one! "

Class A i Stereophile.

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