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Remiga 2 Be is the beryllium tweeter version of our first model on the market. It is a floor standing loudspeaker system no compromise designed.

Bass loading is a carefully shaped transmission line, driven by two custom made woofers, a 10” (250 mm) and an 8” (200 mm) carbon sandwich units. Remiga 2 uses a twin drivers tapered transmission line for an extremely fast, uncolored and distortion free bass.

Midrange is a 7” (170 mm) unit from German Accuton Cell line, with pure ceramic membrane mounted in a volume filled with special aramid fiber wool for nearly perfect sound control.

The 1.3” (34 mm) beryllium tweeter is another technical masterpiece. Because beryllium is extremely light and stiff, it does a better job of maintaining its structural integrity and avoiding breakups. Compared to titanium or aluminum, beryllium performs significantly better than the other two.

Remiga 2 cabinet is made from a sandwich of different woods and special damping glue layers, that together perform a very efficient “constrained layer” damping effect. This feature and an internal steel bars cage, virtually kill any vibration of the cabinet.

Special attention has been given also to crossover board design. The best quality components are firmly mounted on a not conductive special board and connected each other with point-to-point technique, by using a silver plated solid core copper wire.

System: three way floor standing speaker.

Bass loading: tapered transmission line.

Woofers: 1 x 10” (250mm), 1 x 8” (200 mm) carbon sandwich cone.

Midrange: 7” (170 mm) pure ceramic membrane Accuton.

Tweeter: 1.3” (34 mm) pure beryllium membrane.

Crossover: silver plated solid copper point-to-point wiring.

Wiring: special silver plated copper.

Impedance: nominal 4 Ohm (minimum 3.3 Ohm).

Sensitivity: 88 dB (2.83V/1m).

Frequency response: 32Hz – 30kHz (0 – 3dB).

Dimensions: 135 x 35 x 58 cm.

120 kg (each, without crating).

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JWK Audio/Sound of Heaven
Tlf:+47 464 29 861
E-mail: kontakt@soundofheaven.as
Hjemmeside: www.soundofheaven.as

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