15. Mai 2009 FIRST RELEASE


In 2009 ACCUSTIC ARTS the World renowned and Award winning High End Audio brand of SCHUNK AUDIO ENGINEERING (SAE) located in Southern Germany, joined forces with the music-production and recording branch of SAE ‘Evolve Studios’ to establish a new Audiophile record label ACCUSTIC ARTS RECORDS. Our philosophy is to promote audiophile music in a way that appreciates the work of the producers, engineers and musicians putting emphasis on the recorded music to be released.

These experts rarely in the spotlight preferring the dim lights of their studios over the hype and publicity that dominates the music world today, yet it is these people and their production/recording knowledge, experience and skills which are the true basis of any outstanding piece of music. Putting emphasis and focus on these masterminds of music is also the basic idea of the first in the series, ‘Uncompressed World’.

Important mastering insights on Uncompressed World Vol. 1:
For the first volume we have been concentrating on instrumental music pieces only, putting instruments and recording depth in focus. The tasks we set with the songs on Uncompressed World Vol. 1, (which have been very carefully selected from numerous listening sessions in terms of recording quality), was to bring them to the final
Master with zero loss of quality. Not an easy task indeed, as the individual tracks have been recorded in different time periods. The material therefore was recorded with different recording formats and levels and required to be adjusted. This was done by using a Pro Tools HD system. After many comparisons we decided to use
the POW-R #1 dithering algorithm to convert some tracks to 44.1 khz/16 bits. The CD pre mastering itself was done with Sonic Pre Master on DDP to also work on an ideal no loss basis.

We hope you enjoy the music on this CD as much as we enjoyed compiling it and wish you many hours of musical pleasure with ‘Uncompressed World Vol. 1’.

Official release date July 1st 2009.

250 kr. pr cd inkl. frakt