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    Audio Notes venner

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    Coda forsterkere

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    PIEGA's venner :-)

    @ Wanpat 59 Bangkok
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    Peter Breuninger fra AVShowrooms gikk bort idag RIP.
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    Coda forsterkere

    The Coda Technologies 16.0 (€16.999,00) leaves the the AVM MA8.3 (around €35.000,00) and McIntosh MC1.25kW (around €40.000,00) behind. After first playing with the McIntosh MC1.25kW and the AVM MA 8.3 mono's a customer playing with B&W 801D3's downgraded to the Coda 16.0 stereo power amplifier...
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    Master Audio System

    Relentless Epic Monoblock amplifier $349,500 USD per pair upgrades to the original will be $49,500/pr Relentless Epic 800 Monoblock amplifier $194,500/pr. Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems announces two additions to the Relentless Series Dan D’Agostino Master Audio Systems introduced the...
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    NYHETER - platespillere

    Yuki AP-0
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