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    Looking for help, Seas L26RO4Y 10" woofer & SL26R PR in a sealed three-way tower

    Hi from Canada,

    Sorry, I only speak English, so I am posting in English, I can read the forum reasonably well with Google translation turned on. I have done a search on L26RO4Y and read what I can that has been posted here already.

    I can not find the information I'm looking for in on any of the English Speaker Building Forums in North America, so I'm trying here in Norway where Seas is made and where I am hoping this driver is more popular.

    I would like to use the SEAS L26RO4Y 10" sub/woofer and SL26R passive radiator in a three-way tower build along with two SB Acoustics SB15NAC30-4 mid woofers and a Scan Speak R3004 / 6020-10 tweeter in an MTM configuration above.

    Has anyone used An L26RO4Y as a bass driver in a three way? Or even just as a sub with the passive radiator and no DSP equalization?

    What sort of frequency response did you get in a sealed cabinet with the passive radiator?

    How many liters was the woofer cabinet?

    I have read the SEAS application notes for the L26ROY where they suggest 40 liters, but it seems too big for the L26RO4Y.

    I emailed SEAS and they suggested 40 liters, but all the simulation programs are telling me to use a box about half that size for the L26RO4Y.

    Where would you cross it over to a mid?

    Does anyone have a distortion plot for the L26RO4Y?

    I know this is what is used in the Linkwitz open baffle speaker and in the King ROY with a coaxial and a DSP amp, but both examples are very different from what I want to do and are not much help.

    Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Siste redigert av DaveFred; 01.11.2018 kl. 23:12.

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    Hi Dave and welcome to the forum.

    As you know Google translate sucks for more than single words or simple sentences.

    What you probably dont know, is that the title of this thread translates to Do you look for help with....

    Also most norwegians can read and write english just fine.

    So i suggest that you try again, but in english. There are loads of people on this board that can help you with that driver, unfortunatly i am not one of them.

    Good luck
    Siste redigert av roadrune; 01.11.2018 kl. 18:03.

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    Re-posted in English.
    Siste redigert av DaveFred; 01.11.2018 kl. 23:12.

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    You can just edit the opening post and title.

    Take a look at this kit here:
    SEAS KingRO4Y Mk II

    It uses an excellent coaxial driver for mid and FR. Further, it has a passive xo for the mid and tweeter, and the rest is crossed over in a DSP amp. The new Hypex Fusion amps should work well, and if you would like to try to add another woofer, run it as vented or anything, it is very easy to compensate for the change in the DSP.
    Jeg driver Midgard Audio

    If you do not se the problem, you will not look for a solution.

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