Mens vi venter på å få inn første parene med Vimberg høyttalere kommer det stadig flere interessante tester. En som vi synes er spesielt interessant lesning og som gir ett godt innblikk i hva Vimberg er og hvordan de yter er fra Jeff Fritz i Soundstage Ultra. Han bestemte seg for en tid siden å nedgradere fra sine store Magico Q7 MKII til noe mindre og rimeligere. I fjor fant han Vimberg Tonda-D. Resten kan man egentlig lese i hans tre omtaler

Først en sak om bakgrunnen for valget:

Deretter en sak om produksjonen(med bilder og målinger):

Og nå en omtale av sluttresultatet etter at han har fått dem i hus:

Her er det mye interessant lesning, men vi velger å trekke frem noen utdrag fra lydinntrykkene:

"....the real stars of the show, the Vimberg Tonda floorstanding loudspeakers. When I began this downsizing journey, after years of owning six-figure flagship speakers, I didn’t think I could be this happy with speakers costing under $40,000/pair.
But these German beauties retailing for a “mere” $38,000/pair have exceeded my expectations in virtually every parameter of sound. First, the Tondas cast a soundstage that’s large in all dimensions -- width, depth, and height -- and stretches beyond my room’s walls and ceiling.
What they do differently from all other speakers I’ve owned and liked is how they paint aural images on that soundstage. Individual performers aren’t only precisely placed -- “she’s right there” -- but are formed more clearly, more fully, than I’ve ever heard from a speaker. Yes, that’s right: ever heard.
Nor are the Tondas one-trick ponies. Their overall sound quality is exceptional. Bass is deep and taut, with no hint of boom or overhang; highs are delicate and complete, yet never heavy or biting. Through listening and, later, measurement, I came to understand that these speakers are extremely linear, easily matching the most neutral speakers I’ve ever had in one of my systems. The Vimbergs can play big, too, with effortless clarity, and at sound-pressure levels that would break many speakers.
The Tondas’ ability to project fully formed aural images extended to the reproduction of space. When I played a disc of Handel’s Italian Cantatas performed by soprano Sabine Devieilhe, mezzo-soprano Léa Desandre, and Le Concert d’Astrée conducted by Emmanuelle Haïm, I was mesmerized by the Tondas’ creation of an illusion of space not just around the performers, but of the space around that space -- the ambience surrounding those entirely “visible” aural images was so tangible that it melted away the walls of my listening room.
I’m absolutely thrilled with the Vimberg Tondas."

Man finner også mye god informasjon om Vimberg på Vimberg sine egne hjemmesider:

Priser på Vimberg:
Mino: 249 900kr
Mino-Diamond: 319 900kr
Tonda: 319 900kr
Tonda-Diamond: 399 900kr

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