Hi-fi + i UK er førstemann ut med test av den nyeste spilleren fra Kuzma. Morsom lesning om denne bunnsolide spilleren i velkjent Kuzma stil!

Testen kan leses her:

Stabi R - 69 999kr (drivverk med ett armbord)

Ta kontakt for pakkepriser med arm og pickup!


That’s the real joy of the Stabi R; it’s a surprisingly
‘Everyman’ turntable. It appeals as much to someone just
wanting the best turntable as it does to the music collector
who must have entirely different cartridges for different
recordings, and all points in between. While I don’t think this is
the rebirth of the transcription turntable, not least because few
radio stations are playing records that much today, the Kuzma
Stabi R honours the spirit of those transcription turntables, by
building a turntable that will just keep running and running,
and sounding damn good in the process.

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