PS Audio Stellar S700 med to nye topptester!

Denne gangen er det Gary L Beard hos Positive Feedback og Roger Kanno hos Soundstage Hifi som har testet PS Audio Stellar S700 monoblokkene.

Utklipp fra testen(Positive Feedback):

“The Stellar M700 monoblocks blend the near-universal positives Class D has become known for; efficiency, high power, and solid bass performance; with at least one quality that I'd never heard so wonderfully presented in a switching amp in this price range; tube-like natural warmth without the tubes.”

Utklipp fra testen(Soundstage Hifi):
“Don’t be fooled by the PS Audio Stellar M700’s relatively pedestrian looks. Its unassuming matte finish conceals an amazing combination of price, power, and sound quality. Considering that this monoblock puts out 350W into 8 ohms, can double its output into 4 ohms, and costs only $2998/pair, it constitutes one of the most powerful amplifiers available for the money, and should be a relative bargain for anyone looking for a robust power amplifier at a sensible price. The M700s may look innocuous, but whenever I turned them on and cranked up the music, I couldn’t help but be captivated by the quality of music they made.”

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Link til test Soundstage Hifi:
SoundStage! Hi-Fi | - PS Audio Stellar M700 Mono Power Amplifiers

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Link til PS Audio sin nettside:
Stellar M700 Power Amplifier | PS Audio

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