MrSpeakers "Voce" er Dan Clarks seneste kreasjon og deres første elektrostatiske hodetelefon og kan i tillegg til klassledende komfort og byggekvalitet skilte med følgende egenskaper:

"VOCE delivers electrostatic resolution with a full and powerful bottom end, a very large soundstage, a nuanced and full midrange, and smooth, non-fatiguing highs."

-Super-large 88mm diaphragm for extended low frequency output
-2.4 micron driver, optimized for stability and resolution
-Ultra-thin metal stators for superior sound
-MrSpeakers’ signature NiTinol memory metal headband for exceptional comfort, light weight and durability
-Detachable* custom fabricated silver-plated copper cable that is non-microphonic, round and super-supple, yet low capacitance
-Proprietary machined Teflon amplifier plug with machined aluminum housing, gold plated solid copper pins and a machined aluminum headphone --connector**
-580V “Pro-bias” compatible for use with any Stax-pro compatible amplifiers
-Italian Napa leather ear pads
-Vat-dyed US made leather headband
-In the spirit of avoiding waste and making packaging functional, our attractive shipping box is actually a hardwood headphone stand and case which serves as a stylish and functional way to store a VOCE (or any) headphone.

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