David W. Robinson fra Positive Feedback fikk satt opp GRAND PRIX AUDIO Monaco Isolation System og GRAND PRIX AUDIO Monaco Turntable i sitt system.

Her er hans oppsummering av sine erfaringer i en ny test i Positive Feedback, Issue 25 / 2006:

I've been listening to the Monaco/Dynavector combination for about seven weeks now, and it will be leaving very soon. I'm going to be very sorry to see it go. The impression it's left with me is of a turntable that has that crucial quality: it connects me emotionally to the music.

There's no reason to multiply words here: I think that Grand Prix Audio is really on to something important with their Monaco turntable and isolation system. In my estimation, the Grand Prix Audio Monaco turntable and Monaco Modular Isolation Systems definitely belongs in the first rank of turntables and isolation stands. If you are looking for a turntable with a compact footprint that will give you truly world-class performance, and have a budget that will float in this price range, you owe it to yourself to audition the Monaco(s). I think you're in for an extraordinary delight.

Since I judge this system to be in the "first rank" of turntables, I therefore give the combination of the Grand Prix Audio Monaco Turntable/Dynavector DV 507 MkII/Dynavector XV-1s on the Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular Isolation System a Ye Olde Editor's "Highest Recommendation!"

Mer informasjon: http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue25/monaco.htm

GRAND PRIX AUDIO Brooklands Wall Mount Isolation System ble omtalt slik i en test Paul Candy fra 6moons fra juni 2006:

"Oh my! The experience was one of those all-too-rare moments when one's world turns upside down. Once it happened, I realized that I hadn't truly heard what my components were capable of before. Now I felt myself questioning the validity of my previous reviews.

The Brooklands made that much of a difference. The Brooklands simply validated what I have long suspected but never really had a chance to experience first-hand: that controlling the music-robbing effects of resonance and vibration pollution is far more important than most of us realize. Now that I have heard it, it will be impossible to go back and pretend I didn't know better."

Testen kan studeres i sin helhet her: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/gpa6/brooklands.html


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