Vi ønsker alle en deilig hi-fi sesong i møte med 10% på alle ordinære varer over 1000kr nå i januar!

I tillegg har vi en ekstremt gunstig kampanje på <a href="">AW 250 effektforsterker</a> og <a href="">EC 4.8 preamp</a>, samt <a href="">PFL1 gulvstående høyttaler</a> til 8.499,- og <a href="">PSB1 bokhylle</a> til 4.999,- fra Electrocompaniet!

Vi har også glede av å nå kunne tilby nye Klipsch Reference og et pent utvalg av Naim i butikken. Velkommen!

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Våre åpningstider er man-fre 10-17 (torsdag 19) lør 10-16 - Adresse: Musik-Magazinet AS, Engen 2, Logen, 5011 Bergen TLF: 55908530

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EC 4.8

The new Electrocompaniet referance preamplifier.
For more than 30 years, the name "Electrocompaniet" has been synonymous with the manufacture of great sounding power amplifiers. The numerous prestigious international awards, as well as top ranking reviews, attest to the success and appreciation of the amplifiers.

Since 1999, we have had the same level of world-wide recognition with our reference CD player, the Electrocompaniet EMC 1. The obvious
missing link has been a preamplifier matching the quality of the award-winning power amplifiers and reference CD player.

With the new Electrocompaniet two-channel EC 4.8 preamplifier, the missing link is now removed.

With its outstanding performance, excellent resolution, superb control and precise musical rendering, we have succeeded making a preamplifier that is true to our slogan, “Closing the gap to the master”.

Our new two-channel EC 4.8 preamplifier is sure to make all good power amplifiers sound even better!
The EC4.8 preamplifier is designed to fill our need for a advanced preamplifier in a higher price range. The preamplifier is designed as a slimline version, with a fully balanced electronic solution from input to output. It is designed as two separate mono preamplifiers, each with it’s own power supply. This preamplifier can be used with the included IR remote controller or as an option, together with the RF based remote controller ECT 2. The EC4.8 has the new SPAC network for safety control of the connected power amplifiers.


Musical enjoyment

The Electrocompaniet AW250R power amplifier is known for its uncolored and excellent reproduction qualities. From the first note of any familiar recording, you will be captivated by the AW250R and by the musical enjoyment it will give you.
The AW250R incorporates such refined features as: FTT (Floating Transformer Technology) power supply, capable of delivering twice the current of conventional power supply designs, as well as first class overall circuit design and state-of-the-art components.

The AW250R features a balanced link to additional power amplifier(s). Compared to more expensive High-End power amplifiers, with lesser performance, you will truly cherish the AW250R. The Electrocompaniet AW250R features a balanced link to additional amplifier(s) for bi-amping. It can easily be used in bridged mode, delivering up to four times the power.