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    Quad Corner Ribbon, Kelly og Decca...

    The Quad Corner Ribbon Loudspeaker is a ribbon speaker. It was manufactured from 1951 to 1955.
    Acoustical Corner Ribbon Loudspeaker. 600 units sold

    It is now roughly 50 years since the first ribbon tweeter was introduced to the mass market by Quad. It heralded a quantum leap in high-frequency precision over the crude cone and dome devices which were then the accepted norm. The secret lay in the almost non-existent inertia of the wafer-thin current-carrying aluminium diaphragm and the fact that the diaphragm was driven equally and in-phase over its entire surface, unlike coil/dome units where the force is applied only to the circumference of the moving diaphragm.

    A very large magnet was necessary for efficiency reasons, since the "voice coil" of the ribbon speaker effectively had only one turn. The units were very expensive indeed at the time and were only an option for the wealthy connoisseur audiophile.

    This situation held for a few years until the advent of the Kelly ribbon tweeter (later to become the Decca DK30), when some further engineering on the part of Stanley Kelly (one of the most respected "bastions" of the British audio industry) led to a cost-effective design, resulting in a large D.I.Y. ownership base and some O.E.M.'s using it in their top-end models.

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    Radionette Kurer

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