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    Knabb den fra Ghettoblasteren som står i boden.

    Kjempefornøyd med min puffin!
    Takk for tipset, har nok noen liggende :-)

    Gleder meg stort til å få testet ut Puffin, fått veldig mye skryt!
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    I've owned the Puffin now for nearly four months. I mostly listen to classic rock and jazz with some electronica thrown in. My setup is a Pioneer PLX-1000 with Ortofon Blue and Nagaoka MP-110, with the Puffin running into a Benchmark DAC2 HGC using Blue Jeans cables, with a pair of Adam Audio A7Xes as monitors and a Hsu Research VTF-3 running off the Benchmark DAC and all filtered by pure sine wave APC UPSes. Not a super high-end setup, but a competent studio monitoring setup.

    I was a little apprehensive about adding more digital into my path as I've got plenty of digital amplification going on, but having A/B'd the Puffin to my Schiit Mani, as well as an older VPI phono stage given to me by my father. Now, all audio is subjective, of course, though I've been listening to hifi audio now for the better part of my life. I needn't have worried. Not even a little.

    Care to save some time? Buy it.

    The Puffin is competent. There is no area that I feel is is lacking in, in its present form. Would a digital out be nice? Sure. Processing for weird record formats? Sure. But at its core, the Puffin is engineered, and in my opinion, Shannon made it for himself. You can tell by how it's just polished enough, and has a lot of parameters to tweak out of the box, but it doesn't need any of that. Shannon built this so he can spend more time upgrading and enhancing the experience rather than continually refactoring and rearchitecting the hardware. With time, I feel the Puffin will only grow in features and have, as my father used to say, more "toy quality."

    How's it sound? Well, out of the box, I gave it a little more gain than the base Shannon recommended. Other than that, clear, articulate, great imaging, deep, fast, musical, accurate, and yes, analogue-sounding. Without any modifications. With the tweaks, I can tone down some vinyl that was recorded a bit bright or make records sound just a hair better (to my tastes). The Puffin doesn't color the sound at all - Your choice of cartridge, turntable, etc. has much more to do with that, but it does provide a -competent- conduit your music to your output stage.

    While others may say, "Warm" or "Musical" or "Wide Image" etc. are the best compliments you can give to an audio product and what one should look for, as an engineer myself, I believe "Competent" is the best praise I can give Shannon's new device. Even saying it is "amazingly competent" adds nothing to the fact that the Puffin does what it sets out to do, at a very reasonable price, and made my entire Vinyl collection more entertaining. I could continue, but suffice it to say, Shannon built a competent device, or more accurately, platform for further engineering enhanced audio or even just features out of an old format, for years to come. We should be so lucky that a skilled engineer shared his baby with us and offers it at a very fair price. If you've read this far, do yourself a favor and try one out and see how it grows."
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