Uwe Kirbach (image hifi) visited Engelholm Audio


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En härlig hifihelg passerade i november. Uwe Kirbach - musikfantast och hifijournalist på image hifi - besökte engelholm audio.

Kirbach skriver om solo:
...the fluent and full bodied presentation and the exceptionally stable, lookthrough image indicated a top notch speaker, which seems to demand a place of its own in the kingdom of High End. This experience very certainly made me want to work with it more at my place.

Kirbach skriver om the shape:
...also the Shape made me wonder how you did it: Such a big speaker with big, powerful sound and at the same time with such an ease and a liquid presentation, similar to the Solo, in such a small room! Again, even under sub-perfect conditions it was very easy to tell that this speaker as well is playing on a level that most try to reach without success.
God jul alla hifitokar!
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