The Cheapest Headphone Amp has arrived - SMSL SP200 THX

SMSL has announced the new Headphone Amp SMSL SP200, and is now available for purchase at online store. This amp became a "hotcake" before its arrival because of its competitive price at only $289,99 USD. It is a much better value compared to the $400 Drop THX-789 or the $400 Monolith THX 887.


THX AAA-888 technology

The SMSL SP200 THX Headphone Amp is the newest product in the SMSL lineup with the top of the line audiophile high power grade THX AAA-888 technology. This technology allows for the highest fidelity with extreme output power and ultra-low crosstalk. This headphone amp is versatile and can be used to drive a variety of headsets including those that have high impedance, require high current, or need high sensitivity.

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XLR and RCA input

The SP200 features an included AC power supply and is equipped with XLR and RCA inputs. The front panel has XLR and quarter-inch jack outputs, options for switching between different inputs and choosing high or low gain.

Balanced HP output and line input

The SMSL SP200 AMP has a balanced stereo headphone output, a balanced stereo line input, as well as high precision resistors for temperature stability, and a high-efficiency ultra-low noise power supply.


Great to see a new price point also in THX amps. You can add a $100 DAC to SP200 and still be cheaper than the other THX offerings.

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