NeoTech NEP-3200 strømkabel

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NeoTech NEP-3200 strømkabel

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“Replacing my reference power cord on the TacT Millennium with the NeoTech NEP-3200, vocals took on a more natural palatable quality. Improvements were also heard in areas of image bloom, focus, soundstage width, sense of space and the expression of micro/macro contrasts. A significant jump in resolution and space between instruments was heard at the opening of cut 2 and 6, disk 2 of Seal, Best /1991 - 2004 (Warner Brothers 48776)”

“Using UP-OCC copper in the manufacture of audio cables results in a distinct advantage over cables using lower purity multi-crystalline OFC with my reference cables sounding unnatural and constricted in comparison. Following break-in I did not have any desire to swap the NeoTech cables out of my system. The effects of using the UP-OCC copper in your system is addictive – the more you add, the more you want to remove the other OFC cables. Compared to my reference power cords and speaker cables NeoTech offers a much higher performance-to-cost ratio and now resides in my system.”

9AWG UP-OCC Copper Conductor
UP-OCC Solid Copper Conductor
Teflon Individual Insulation
PVC Central Cord Design®
UP-OCC IEC Plug & Connector termination

Jan Erik Helland

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