Neotech NEI-3001 RCA & XLR signalkabler 20% rabatt ut Januar

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Bildet viser kun RCA (ubalansert) men vi har også disse i XLR (balansert) versjon.

"If looks could kill, then the Neotechs were assassins awaiting instructions for their next hit.
I held back my tears while unplugging my favourite Nordost silver cables, replacing them with the NES-3001 copper speaker cable and, for the first test, the NEI-3001 copper RCA interconnect. I needn’t have worried; my first impressions were of a slightly warmer sound with a fuller bass register.
Warmer sound usually means more involvement, and in my case not getting up to change CDs as often or rummaging through the Squeezebox Duet controller looking for something else to listen to.
The Neotechs certainly had a positive effect in terms of sound quality.
Neotech isn’t exactly a household name in this country but you may have already experienced the quality of the company’s work without knowing it. The cables on review aren’t exactly chicken change, but they compare favourably with products twice their asking price and beyond.
For those with a well-sorted system, the stellar Neotech silver and copper cable range could be the icing on the cake."

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