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HiFi Pig sin aller første Editor's Choice

Vi har lenge vært tydelige på at FinkTeam er noen av markedets mest kompetente høyttalerutviklere, og at KIM trolig er den mest komplette, relativt kompakte, stativhøyttaleren vi noen sinne har lyttet til (og det er mange). Nå har Linette og Stuart Smith i HiFi Pig hatt KIM på besøk, og mener det er en av de aller beste høyttalerne de noen sinne har hatt inne til omtale.

Stuart konkluderer:
I like these speakers a lot! They are perhaps one of the best loudspeakers we have had in the house in the sub ten grand price-point and had I not just bought another turntable I’d have been having a pair of these in a heartbeat. Yes, they are that good!

Key takeaways are speed, clarity, and an open airiness.

At low volumes, they are a delight but put some power up them and they just come alive in a wonderfully dynamic and engaging way.

The soundstage is vast with KIM – and I mean in every dimension.

There is a certain quality to these speakers that just drags you in, tells you to shut up, and to take notice of the music that is playing. I listened and listened to album after album. They feel unforced and they are natural-sounding uncoloured and true to the recording.

I need to sleep on the gong these get as I’ve not given the award I’m considering previously. I’ll make the decision tomorrow….

So, I have slept on it and I don’t think I can do anything but give these speakers the new Editor’s Award, but that will only be confirmed after Linette has given her verdict – which will be done without having read my comments. We plan on giving these awards out very infrequently, but to give these anything less just wouldn’t be fair to them or to FinkTeam.

Linette konkluderer:

"People often say that speakers disappear, a term that can be overused but should rightly be used for FinkTeam’s KIM. The sound stage expands well beyond the speaker and, walking into the room, you would expect a much bigger speaker to be playing.

Overall, I would class the FinkTeam KIM as ‘goosebump’ speakers, they connect you with music in a way that you really FEEL, totally tactile sound. They are speakers for living with, not just critical listening. They are in a busy market for this price point but stand out from the crowd for their looks and their enjoyable and immersive way of delivering music.

Definitely, one of the best pairs of speakers to grace our listening room and certainly worthy of our first ever Editor’s Award!"

Kontakt oss gjerne for en prat rundt disse fantastiske høyttalerne, som meget mulig kan bli dine aller siste høyttalerkjøp.



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Martin Colloms også gjort en grundig anmeldelse av KIM. Det finnes knapt noen anmelder med mer praktisk erfaring innen høyttalere en Martin Collums.

Vi gleder oss til å lese.

"Standmount Revelation"

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