I recently shopped a new NAD D1050 dac.

Looking a bit on line i realized that even though it don't come with a remote control it is possible to remote control it.

I found that many people struggle to do this, investing in universal remote controls that don't always work as expected or using the remote of their NAD amplifier, which kinda works but usually overlaps with their amplifier functions etc.

Overall a very frustrating exercise for most people, yet i would like to share with you an easy and effective way to remote control this dac.

All you have to do is install a small app at your smart phone. I have an android smartphone but i assume the same or similar solutions are available for iPhone users too.

The app i chose is called AnyMote. It took me less than 1 minute to find the proper setup for the NAD D1050, which is fully supported so i did not need "program" the codes or anything. All it took was a couple of clicks. I have the full version of the app but a free version is also available and of course there other apps that do the same job, i just tried this one and since it worked i did not bother to try others.

Here some screenshots
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I hope this is helpful for some people that have this wonderful dac