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Best convolver for mac-laconvolver or ir1a?

Tror ikke det er så mange som har erfaring med dette, så for å fiske etter svar flere steder så kryssposter jeg. Håper det er ok og at det er på engelsk. Svar utbedes på norsk.
Temaet er altså convolver engines til mac. Jeg opplever en forskjell mellom de, noe jeg syns er rart. Se tekst under..

The heading raises a question Ive been trying to get my head around today.

Ive been using Laconvolver in Au lab with room correction filters from Audiolense, but theres been a hickup or two, so I tried out ir1a by mellowmuse which is a protools plugin that do the same. Basically to get stable use.

However, the weird thing is thats I think they sound different with the same filter. True, db level matching is hard to do with two plugins, but to me ir1a sounds more spacious, with better soundstage and more ambience.. LaConvolver sounds harsh in comparison.

To me this is strange.
Anyone have any experience to share?