Kan se ut som om "krisen" har kommet til musikkforhandlerene for alvor, kanskje det er mest gjeldene i US hva vet jeg men nå er tiden inne til å handle slik at vi ikke opplever på sikt at det blir ferre utgivelser, og kanskje enda verre; at noen slutter å gi ut plater, da særlig LP`er.

Dette fra siste nyhetsskriv fra Music Direct:

"We know times are tough, but we also know that there is more incredible vinyl out now than at any time in our 22 year history. So, we've decided to make it a little easier for you to grab some extra music. Spring time is always better with the windows open, a cool drink in your hand and some new music playing in the background - and from now until Monday, April 13th, you can save 10% on all music only purchases! When checking out, please enter code MUSIC-10 in the comment section on the last page of checkout and we'll take care of the discount for you.

To help you get started, we've complied a list of over 190 very special, highly recommended titles covering all genres of music from labels like: MoFI, ORG, Speakers Corner, Music Matter, Classic Records and more. Feel free to explore our website or call us for our recommendations!"