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    Kul Telefunken tubes

    Hello, i am sorry i write in english, my norwegian is not the best.

    I just got new telefunken tubes for my meixing mc-7r and i couldnt be more satisfied, the sound is much more rich, opened and clear, I never changed anything in my sistem that I could so clearly hear the diference, what an improvement!

    I am using 2 telefunken ecc83 and 2 siemens ecc82 in my meixing, i also have this bigger tube on it, original chinese one, its a 274B electron tube, my question is does this tube has a lot to say? would it be recomendable to change it?? if so, what to get?? because i have read somewhere this tube is fairly unimportant!

    Anyway I am really satisfied with my sistem at the moment, I have the meixing connected to an old warm ec aw-100 and mirage om-7 speakers. I dont feel the need to upgrade anytime soon! I hope at least!

    Greetings to everyone!

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    The 274B is the rectifier, close equivalent to 5R4-types. By changing to other 5 Volts filament types that gives different voltage drop, you can by doing this
    change the sound. A good rectifier is important. Do not change to 5U4 types, because they draw more filament current.
    274B is considered as a better type than than 5R4- types, but I do not know it is the same for the chinese copy.

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