Jeg kopierte følgende fra vennesida til Densen:

Here I must admit, that I "have pimped" my DM-10 since years with better fuses, better feet and a (600 Euro) power cord to let him play to its best. I've reported on this earlier and in particular the fuses are the cheapest and most effective tuning I experienced in the past....

(If someone is interested: For many years I've used the HIFI-Tuning silver fuses with gold caps, nevertheless after testing the new silverstar fuses (HiFi-Tuning with silver caps), the Padis/Furutech ones and the AHP's with gold and with copper caps I can truly say that the AHPs boost the performance once again by a large margin adding even more detail as well as more homogenity/continuity and less grain. There are also significant differences between the gold capped and the copper capped versions but both better than the rivals. Currently, I prefer the gold capped AHP because its greater presence and immediacy in the mids, nevertheless the copper version once more reduces the grain and shows even a little more detail with a different (in part deeper and wider) soundstage. But with the feeling you are sitting one row back. As a nice side effect these are also the cheapest of the above mentioned fuses).

The DM-10 with the standard power cord and fuses is somewhat limited in the frequency extremes and its transparency and detail. Overall it can be a little bit mellow in the mid-range which might be noticed as a very pleasant colouration, resembling the glowing sound of some older triodes. Replacing both the power cord and the fuses and the DM-10 is as transparent and detailed as the modern "big buck" amplifiers but retains to play extremely musical.

Noen som har erfaring med dette?

mvh. VilhelmW