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    Takumi K-70 - Noe nytt under solen?

    Denne høres spennende ut:

    ""Contained in a triple chassis, the Takumi K-70 [$35,000] is our flagship model and our vision of the ultimate amplifier. Incorporating vacuum tubes and transistors, this unit shares no similarity sonically or electrically to either technology. Instead, the K70 reaches into the ether and delivers a sweeping sound of universal beauty and unbounded complexity. At a total weight of some 80kg, the K-70 is surely one of the planet's most substantial 70-watt amplifiers... Each channel uses 32 power transistors, each rated to 150W giving a total capacity of almost 10KW for the system! These devices are designed for exclusive use in linear amplifiers but not custom to us. The total array of devices are configured to give an astonishingly low output impedance of some 0.07 ohms across the audio bandwidth without the use of negative feedback. Actual power dissipation of each part is restricted to about 10W. With the generous heatsinking, this ensures minimal thermal cycling to aid both sound quality and part longevity."


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