"The Harmony Game" er en fin dokumentarfilm fra 2011 om Simon & Garfunkel med hovedvekt på albumet Bridge Over Troubled Water.

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Simon & Garfunkel - En lang "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

Amerikansk dokumentar som beskriver den til tider trøblete historien om innspillingen av den amerikanske duoens største album-suksess. I Norge lå albumet på 1.plass i hele 17 uker og var mestselgende i årene 1970-71. Vi får presentert nye intervjuer med Paul Simon og Art Garfunkel samt med deres musikalske samarbeidspartnere.

Plot Summary for
The Harmony Game (2011)

The end of a decade when the world was in crisis and inspiration and hope needed resurrecting, an influential duo released a masterpiece of popular music, Bridge Over Troubled Water. Through darkness and light, the album takes its listeners on an emotional ride echoing the era and one which continues to inspire an audience the world over 40 years later. Its symphonic hymn of a title track became an anthem for a generation. The Harmony Game tells the story behind what is widely considered Simon and Garfunkel's best work, Bridge Over Troubled Water. The influential duo's last studio album has its legacy shrouded in rock n' roll mythology with legendary tales of inspiration, innovation and separation. Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel and their collaborators share the journey in their own words and reflect back on its impact 40 years later and includes never before seen film, photos and memorabilia.

Produced & Directed by Jennifer Lebeau Written by Jennifer Lebeau

Simon and Garfunkel - The Harmony Game
Duration: 1 hour, 15 minutes

In Jennifer Lebeau's film, Simon and Garfunkel: The Harmony Game, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel talk openly and eloquently about an extraordinarily creative period in their career - the making of Bridge Over Troubled Water. The story behind what was to become their final album has long been shrouded in rock and roll mythology and is told in gripping detail in these rare interviews. Archive footage is used to reveal technical breakthroughs and the emotional feelings the two artists had for each other.

Imagine... Simon & Garfunkel: the Harmony Game, BBC
By Michael Pilgrim
11:55PM GMT 08 Nov 2011

Visit any high street charity shop and you will see popular culture’s leftovers. A Dan Brown novel or two. More Shakin’ Stevens albums than a democracy should permit. And, usually, a scuffed vinyl copy of Bridge Over Troubled Water.

That Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel’s final album still shows up is hardly surprising. Bridge Over Troubled Water – the perfect soundtrack to a wine and fondue party – has sold 25 million copies since its release in January 1970.

Last night’s Simon & Garfunkel: the Harmony Game on BBC One – the second in the new season of Imagine… – showed the duo fashioning their swansong. In truth, many of Bridge Over Troubled Water’s tracks are throwaway, but a handful retail an extraordinary wounded sadness. The album is achingly backward-looking, nostalgic for pop’s sullied innocence.

It was also considered a technical marvel and the film contained much talk of echo technique, vocal blending and tape loops. This was all very well, but you found yourself secretly longing to see the duo have an unharmonious bust-up in the archive studio footage.

Bridge Over Troubled Water’s title track was written by the tubby troubadour Simon, but sung by Garfunkel, and the big surprise here was hearing Simon’s demo, a rather leaden effort despite its gospel cadences. It was only when Garfunkel added his little-boy-lost vocal and Simon wrote a third verse that it sprouted angel wings. The result was a quavery hymn of hurt and comfort.