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    Nov 2002
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    G3  live in tokyo

    Er det noen som har sett og hørt denne

    Er den like bra som de to forige?

    Mvh Jan I

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    Apr 2002
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    Re: G3 *live in tokyo

    Har ikke hørt den selv, men her er noen meninger sakset fra nettet:

    More G3 Insanity!,
    Reviewer: Jeff Arenson (Colorado Springs, CO United States)

    G3 returns in fine form with "G3 Live in Tokyo". The same formula as the last two g3 DVDs is repeated. Joe Satriani teams up with Steve Vai and find a third guitarist worthy of sharing the stage with them. Each member performs his own set and then all 3 jam on stage together. It worked on the previous 2 DVDs and it works again. This time, with the addition of John Petrucci of Dream Theater/LTE, is the best time. Yes, there is only 90 minutes worth of music, but if you want the full G3 experience go see them. The 90 minutes is a great deal for under $15. Now to the show:

    John Petrucci plays a couple of songs from his "Suspended Animation" disc. I saw G3 with Petrucci back in 2001 and thought that he should release the music he was playing. Now he has. Both songs showcase Petrucci's ability to combine speed, tone and phrasing in an instrumental form. Both songs have a couple of tone and time changes, and Petrucci shows why he is considered one of the best guitarists in the rock genre. (Or any genre for that matter) Fans of Dream Theater or any of John's other projects won't be dissapointed. John is joined by, DT drummer, Mike Portnoy and Dave Larue of Steve Morse and Dreg's fame. The rhythm section is solid and all over John's music. A very good set.

    Steve Vai is next and continues to be the most energetic of the G3 members. Vai opens with "The Audience is Listening" from Passion & Warfare and it is a blistering version. Steve and bassist Billy Sheehan go wild during this song. They trade fours, exchange picking hands, and play some high speed unison lines. These two have been mesmerizing together since the David Lee Roth Band, and have taken their showmanship to new levels. "Building the Church" and "K'm-Pee-Du-Wee" are the other Vai tunes and Steve is his amazing self. Vai has been guilty of composing tunes that I can't identify with, but these are both great compositions and Steve's playing is true virtuosity at its best. Great set from a great showman.

    Joe Satriani's set is also very good. He plays great versions of "Up In Flames" and 'Searching' but is guilty of not stretching out as far as he can. Still, both of these songs are excellent and show Satch's unparalled ability to combine catchy melodies with guitar virtuosity. 'War' is a song that Satch stretches out on and improvises a unique ending. Excellent version.

    As always, the DVD ends with all 3 guitarists on stage. "Foxey Lady" is the first tune. Mike Portnoy plays drums on this tune. How can you go wrong with these 3 guys jamming to Jimi? The last two songs have Jeff Campitelli on Drums and Billy Sheehan joins Matt Bisonette on bass. The two bassists alternate taking the vocal duties and do a decent job. Both songs feature each guitarist taking a solo spot and then all 3 trading 4s at the end. More G3 madness done right. As always, if you aren't a fan of guitar, you won't be a fan of this. If you are a fan of any of these three, then you should get this. I am a fan of all 3, and find it to be the best of the 3.

    G3 Best of the 3!,
    Reviewer: Russ Bellinger (Dunedin, Florida USA)

    I don't know guys. I just read the reviews posted and I'd have to say that I seriously disagree! This DVD is excellent! John Petrucci I do agree is probably the best of the 3 performances and it doesn't hurt having his DT buddy Mike Portnoy playing drums either! Dave LaRue plays some excellent driving bass! I saw G3 do this show a few years ago and I thought it was the best one so far! I saw G3 in it's previous incarnations as well as the last one with Y. Malmasteen. Enjoyed each one. I didn't get bored. I got energized! Lots and lots of raw energy in these shows. I also found the tour with Robert Fripp quite amazing. As far as the DVDs go I think the first release was not quite as strong as the Denver show and the Tokyo show. The Denver show really rocks too! But I think Steve Vai's performance on the Tokyo show was a bit more driving and strong than on the Denver DVD (and even alot of his stuff on the Live at the Astoria DVD). They come on strong on this one. Billy Sheehan is playing his butt off as well as Dave Weiner and Tony MacAlpine! And that drummer is simply amazing and playing so damned hard! To me it is simply amazing to watch. Satch's performance is top notch as well on his set. I also loved the first song he did on the Live at Denver DVD. Just amazing! I don't think any of this is stale (as a previous reviewer said). Far from it! I think it is a rare treat to have shows like this that bring all these artists together and I am thankful that Joe continues on with the G3 tradition.

    G3 - fails to suprise., or keep me awake,
    Reviewer: Mr. D. A. Jeffreys

    This is the 3rd DVD I have of G3, Vai and Satriani up to their usual over the top ego trip stuff. (cliched speedy guitar for teenagers)

    I am getting to see that too many ego's spoil the broth here.

    Also frustrated lead guitar players doing bass guitar solo's have never worked for me,(either play lead guitar or bass, or shut up), so stay at home Mr Sheen, and hand it over to a real bass player. (ie; Wooten)

    It's a great pity they never released the Japan G3 tour with Andy Timmons this would really be worth watching. (and he can out play all of them, and tastefully)

    I think that this is the last time I will buy a G3 DVD, the wrestling of on stage ego's formula is getting rather tired.

    I won't waste your time,
    Reviewer: Bruce Gantenbein "Big Bruce" (Iowa City, IA)

    As a working guitarist, I hold Vai, Satriani, and Petrucci in the highest regard, as well as Malmsteen and Johnson from the previous G3 works. The other reviews here cover their mastery of their instruments well. The only thing I would like to add is that my favorite bass player used to be Rocco Prestia from Tower of Power. It is now Billy Sheehan.

    G# Live in Tokyo,
    Reviewer: Charles D. Barnes "trimman66" (Palm Bay, FL USA)

    Once again for the third time and the third installment of the G3 series Joe Satriani shows the true talent that he possess and the great music that he creates. With Steve Vai and John Petrucci in tow this is a guitar lovers must have.

    G3......will never be bettered,
    Reviewer: Mr. Michael Blizzard (Birmingham UK)

    The guys do it again....... All three G men are on top form,so are all the other musicians on stage. Wonderfull DVD.
    Even better for the fact that the audience are not trying to make themselves heard during the songs !

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    G3 *live in tokyo

    Sitat Sitat fra Jan_I
    Er det noen som har sett og hørt denne

    Er den like bra som de to forige?

    Mvh Jan I
    Jepp, kjøpte den ifjor, men så denne tråden først i dag Kan defintivt anbefales, spesielt The audience & Building the ga meg ståpels & vel så det Hørte forøvrig G3 med Robert Fripp i Oslo i 2004, helt avsindig sinnsykt fett Var også heldig å få hilse både på Vai, Sheehan, Satriani & MacAlpine etter konserten

    Amp : Krell S 300 I Lyd : Denon DCD 3560 Bilde: Sony BDP 5000 ES HT : PSB New Stratus, internwiret med Renaissance Audio Blue Standard <br />HT kabler : Renaissance Audio Blue Standard, biwiret Signalkabler : Renaissance Audio Blue Standard &amp; Renaissance Audio Blue Signature Strømkabler/filter : Furutech

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