I tilfelle noen skulle være interessert, legger jeg ut en epost jeg nettopp fikk fra Hificollective


Fresh in from Poland are the supreme PathAudio resistors. Rated at 10W with 1% tolerance, features in copper case, earth lead to protect against RF and the resistive element is embedded in anti-vibration compound.
Christmas is coming!!!

With the holidays just around the corner we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for you support over the last 12 months and wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We have been very busy extending our range of audio grade parts for your enjoyment. We are excited about new lines arriving in January such as Musicap capacitors all the way from the USA and plans to further our nuts, bolts and fixings range.

Look out for our Boxing day newsletter that will include a 10% voucher code for you to use over the Christmas / New Year period.

Best wishes from all the HiFi Collective team.

TKD Metals

From TKD, well known for their superb potentiometer, we have the full E12 range of their CM2 2 watt metal film resistors.

Khozmo Pre

To accommodate the popular Khozmo stepped attenuators we now have their finished pre-amps.

TC 4 terminal

New from ClarityCap are these 4 terminal power supply compact polypropylene capacitors.

Cardas IEC plug

Excellent 3455R IEC plug - Copper blades and clips, plated with Rhodium over silver.

Silver RCA

Low cost RCA sockets, brass with silver plate.

Khozmo Remote

Don`t get up! Remote control stepped pre-amp, excellent value.

Polystyrene +

We have added lots of new values to this classic signal capacitor.

Schuko plug

Cardas put their hands to the Schuko plug with amazing results.

New values of AG

Mundorf have launched a new value of their famous AGs, the 10000uF 80V version.

Glasshouse Pre

New from Glasshouse is our budget passive pre-amplifier kit.

Jupiter AWG28

Jupiter`s AWG28 cotton sleeved cryogenically treated wire.

Glasshouse Feet

We have developed 3 different sizes of cone wooden feet made from quality beech wood.

Cardas Bananas

Low cost 4mm banana plugs from Cardas, amazing quality and simple design.

Neotech delight

A high end speaker cable from Neotech, featuring their UP-OCC copper wire.

New values

Mundorf have added 180uF and 560uF to their broad range of E-Caps.

Neotech Cable

Eight conductor speaker cable, great medium cost solution to improve your sound.

Cardas Posts

New low cost speaker posts from Cardas, excellent performer.

Charcroft S-Foils

Values over 100K are now available through Hi-Fi Collective

Valve base

Gold plated valve base from Audio Note, VBASE-165

Cardas CTFAs

Inline with Cardas`s budget line, we now stock their new RCA sockets.

MIEC 600v

We have invested in more values of the 600V axial electrolytic.

18uF Sup

Back by popular demand, Mundorf`s 18uF Supreme capacitor.

C-core Choke

High end choke from Audio Note, ideal for amplifier power supplies. Rated at 10H, 250mA.


We now have values above 100K for the 2W Audio Note tantalum non-magnetic resistor.


High Quality RCA sockets, gold plated brass heavy duty. Easy to solder and fit.

Tungsol Gold

Tungsol`s range of re-makes now includes the popular 12AX7 gold pin valve.

Cardas XLRs

high quality 3 pin XLR socket from Cardas, both male and female stocked.

Audio Note LAGs

Audio Note have redesigned their large Meishu speaker posts.

DPDT Switch

Housed in an XLR package, available in either a black or nickel finish.

XLR caps

Cardas produce the male and female XLR caps to help reduce EMI and RF noise absorption.


For your digital socket needs, we now have Switchcraft`s Toslink socket.

Low cost RCAs

Low profile RCA chassis mount sockets, great for the budget builder.

1/4 Inch Jack

We now have Cardas` stereo straight 1/4 inch headphone jack.
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