Sendte mail med Coldamp og her er de 3 nye produktene:

Regarding the new products, we have three:

1. Sonora S250: it is a 250W/4ohm (130W/8ohm)rms hi-end module with low power consumption (5W idle) and high performance, loaded with a lot of protections (undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, shortcircuit, overtemperature with integrated sensor), clipping detector, synchronization capability to avoid noises with other amplifiers or PSU, etc. Its price will be around 67 euro for 1 pc. end customer. Ideally fed by SPS80 or SPS30 PSU.

2. Sonora S750: it is a 750W/4ohm (400W/8ohm)rms hi-end amplifier with extremely low power consumption (5.5W as compared with UcD700, that draws 15W only from the main rails). It requires only +/-85V nominal, no aux. voltages, no driver voltages, etc. It also has all that protection features, sync. capability, clip detection, etc, and a rudged flat chassis with two assemble possibilities. Its price will be around 170 euro for 1 pc, end customer. It is designed to be fed with our SPS80HV PSU.

3. Sonora Combo: it is a 300+300W class D amplifier with integrated AC/DC SMPS, with full synchronized amplifiers+PSU for lowest noise, low power consumption, all the protections and small size. Price will be around 300euro / 1pc, end customer. Only mains, speaker and input connections are required, so it is very easy to use, although has many options for advanced utilization.