Wolf von Langa Son 12639 - Stereophile Product of the Year 2022

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This is a pair of 12639 SON latest spec - with all original packaging. These speakers are in Røyken and you are welcome to listen. New retail price €16.500.

These are a much later and more developed version of the speaker, and not the same as the other pair sold previously on Hi-Fi Sentralen.

To see just how musical these speakers are visit - https://www.audioshark.org/speaker-reviews-92/heart-over-mind-von-langa-s-son-11322.html


The SON 12639 loudspeaker takes its name from a popular 1930's song and dance movement that originated in Cuba. Known for fantastic sound and attractive aesthetics, the SON loudspeaker is gaining global recognition as a premier loudspeaker.

What makes the SON 12639 field coil loudspeakers by Wolf von Langa so special?

The Son's field coil system crucially reduces distortion and increases clarity, enabling extremely tight, controlled and precise bass.
Whether melodic acoustic bass from a small jazz combo, or deeply extended bass from club music, the Son adeptly and quickly grips low frequencies, providing a solid foundation for your musical enjoyment.

Premium Field Coil woofer with passive membrane. Two-part crossover for true bi-amping or bi-wiring. Dipole Air Motion Transformer soft and asymmetrically embedded in acoustically inert panels (optically transparent), thus adjustable stereo base width. The scope of delivery includes the latest constant current power supply (without power cable), a pair of 3 m long supply cables, a pair of acoustic fabric panels in black, a pair of WBT-0725 Cu Power Bridges and the shipping packaging. Colour: high gloss black.

This a Private Sale, there is no return, no guarantee and no exchange. The goods are sold under exclusion of any warranty. Shipping must be organized by buyer.

25 to 30,000 Hz
95dB 1W 1M
WHD 404 x 874 x 330mm
Weight: 42Kg per speaker
These speakers come with the original packaging.
They are available to demo in Oslo. One of the World's most musical captivating speakers - not to be missed. IMG_0948.JPG
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