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cocktailAudio HA500H Hodetelefonforsterker med rør og DAC

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Feel not only beautiful and warm sound delivered by Vaccum Tubes, but also transparent and dynamic sound created by Solid State electronics.
Natural and magnificent sound reproduction of the HA500H will fascinate music lovers and audiophiles Pre-Amplifier and Asynchronous USB DAC for audiophiles

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The HA500H is a premium Hybrid Headphone Amplifier, DAC, Pre-Amplifier and Asynchronous USB DAC for audiophiles. It is equipped with two(2) ECC82 vacuum tubes and solid state OP Amp, which will work as preamp stage for the headphone section, and will work as out stage for the pre-out section, while solid state transistors are built in at power amp stage for headphone section. So, you can select one out of Tube and OP Amp according to character of music, your feelings and mood.
All music has its own character. Some music need to be reproduced clearly and dynamically, others will be better when they are played warmly and smoothly. The HA500H will be the best device that will let you choose different sonic signature in reproducing music according to your feelings and music character.
The HA500H offers impedance selector(High/Low) with which you can choose one of High or Low impedance, which suits better your headphones.
Equipped with two(2) Sabre³² ES9018K2M DAC(one DAC per channel), additional multicore microcontroller for high performance USB Audio DAC, completely isolated circuit design for analogue and digtial section with customized SMPS and Toroidal Transformer and high quality aluminum enclosure crafted precisely by CNC machine with beautiful glass-sanding finish, the HA500H will be Reference Level Hybrid Headphone Amplifier, DAC, Pre-Amplifier and Asynchronous USB DAC for audiophiles


Dual ESS Sabre³² ES9018K2M DACs built in for right channel and left channel separately

Two(2) Sabre³² ES9018K2M DAC chips are built in for right and left channels separately. The world’s best performing 32Bit audio DAC solution, the ES9018K2M offers unexampled DNR(Dynamic Range) of up to 127dB and THD+N(Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise) of -120dB. As the HA500H is circuit-designed with two DAC chips allocated for each channel separately, its Dynamic Range will be far increased and much better sound quality can be guarranted
Two(2) ECC82 Vacuum Tubes

Based on our exclusive technologies to match up solid state electronics with vacuum tube, the HA500H was developed to let audiophiles and music lovers experience mellow and enthralling sound adding warmth and depth to the music. A pair of ECC82 Vacuum Tubes are installed for preamp stage of headphone section and for out stage of pre-out section. It delivers a breathtaking sound enough to attract audiophiles’ attention

Balanced Circuit Design

The HA500H is circuit-designed by fully balanced technologies for internal analogue audio signal path. The unbalanced(single-ended) analog input will be converted to the balanced at input buffer, and it will go into ADC. The balanced analog input will go into ADC as it is. For all digital audio input, the signal flows in balanced mode all the way from the DAC to the output connectors. All single-ended(unbalanced) outputs are originated from the balanced signal as well. The balanced circuit design surely helps to reduce common-mode noise and improves siginal quality. The balanced headphone output provides twice the voltage and four times the power of the single-ended(unbalanced) output, enabling the HA500H to drive headphones which request lots of power. It also provides better channel seperation by eliminating the common ground return path.

Isolated Power Source Circuit Design and Toroidal Power Transformer

To minimize idle noises and electrical interference, power source for digital and analogue section is isolatedly designed. Instead of cost-effective laminated steel core transformers, the HA500H applied the customized high quality toroidal power transformer which ensures unexcelled power efficiency and minimizes exterior magnetic fields.

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