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Butikk Clearaudio Concept MC (tilbud på lagervare)

Kr 8.906
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Concept MC er Clearaudios rimeligste MC pickup og gir svært mye godlyd for pengene. Til tross for den lave prisen er Concept MC utstyrt med en nålefane i grunnstoffet Bor og Micro Line diamantslipning. Alle pickup'ene til Clearaudio er produsert i Tyskland.

Clearaudio skriver på sin produktside:
Here, audiophile explorers discover what the optimisation of magnetic circuits can deliver: This cartridge releases crystal clear sounds and represents nothing less than a revolution in its class.

Equipped with a boron cantilever, the Concept MC has channel matching to within half a decibel, 11 ohms internal impedance and is fitted with a Micro Line stylus ? features normally unheard of in this price range. All of which adds up to make this high quality cartridge a bargain for the cost-conscious high-end fan.

Listepris: NOK 11 875,-
Tilbudspris (-25%): NOK 8 906,-

Utgangsspenning: 0,4 mV
Kanalseparasjon: > 30 dB
Totalvekt: 8,0 g


The new Clearaudio Concept MC cartridge is the entry level into the Clearaudio MC cartridges line and is a perfect match with the Concept turntable. The cartridge body is made out of an innovative, high-dense Aluminium-Magnesium alloy, which is additionally coated with a ceramic layer to minimize resonances.

The Concept MC assures an extremely strong homogeneous magnetic field and perfect linearity through its hand-selected high-performance magnets. To guarantee the optimal tracking, the Clearaudio Micro Line diamond finds its place on the Boron cantilever. This cartridge achieves the highest requirements of each record lover and ensures through its fine signed and dynamic sound impression, through the complete frequency-response-characteristic.
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