Vi har nå gleden av å kunne tilby JBLs råtøffe moderne retro klassiker L100! En fryd for både øre og øyne. Må oppleves!

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Les hva fagpressen har å si om disse kreasjonene:

"If you judge hi-fi on the ability to entertain rather than the ability to analyse, these are one of the most appealing pairs of speakers at the price." What Hi-Fi

"..many contemporary speakers will sound bland and formulaic by comparison, this cleverly reimagined blast from the past will win friends but still shock others in equal measure." Hi-Fi News

"JBLs klassiske bestselger er reinkarnert i en av de festligste høyttalerne vi har hørt på lenge." Lyd & Bilde

".. they are extremely musical and will bring a lot of pleasure to a whole new generation of listeners who were not even a glint in the eye when the originals first showed up." The EAR

"The sound is excellent, and the MF/HF adjustment dials are instrumental in making the speaker a far more flexible performer, able to integrate into almost any room." Home Theater & Hi-Fi

"I consider the L100 Classic to be an absolute steal, for they are just as much a high-end, audiophile-grade solution as any of the costlier competition." Home Theater Review

"These speakers are a great way to enjoy the music..... The L100 Classics are modern speakers with a classic look, and what makes them modern is their high-end sound." Enjoy The Music

"These are loudspeakers that represent a pinnacle of acoustic engineering." Positive Feedback

"Non-audiophiles will love them – they’re genuinely impressive and they’re most definitely fun: a high-end loudspeaker for mainstream listeners (but I suspect quite a few die-hard audiophiles will also fall for their charms)." Darko

"You want speed, dynamic agility, transparency, imaging, soundstage, mid-range purity, extended frequency range, taut, deep, informative bass, tonal elegance and purity and above all timing? Then go forth and begat yourself a pair of JBL Classic L100's." Stereo NET

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