Vi kan nå tilby det norske markedet ATOHM høyttalere.

Sound of Heaven er nå distributør av dette fantastiske og spennende brand hvor alt blir lagd `in house`.
Mannen bak ATOHM er Thierry Comte som tidligere var teknisk direktør for Triangle.
ATOHM er et funn innen high-end lyd til en gunstig pris.

Vi kommer i første omgang til å tilby markedet GT(Grand Thrill)-HD serie som er deres high-end serie.
Serien består av en stativ og to gulvstående modeller pluss en subwoofer.

The GT-Series fulfills our present knowledge in the science of driver and loudspeaker design. It is our crowning achievement in creating unique products blending ultimate performance with realistic dimensions, all associated with visual elegance. These results, combining a plethora of tests with many years of research, allow for the GT-Series loudspeakers to be equipped with Atohm’s finest “Absolute Series” drivers. The entirety of components used, the whole of the loudspeakers, as well as their exclusive technology, were specifically conceived within our own research department.

We created an absolute goal, one with the sole purpose of inviting the listener to the heart of the performance, accompanied by all its emotion. Refined esthetics combined with superb audio performance, a pleasure for all senses.

JWK Audio/Sound of heaven
Tlf:+47 464 29 861

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