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The amplifier Supreme 300B Special Edition can be used both as integrated amplifier or as stereo amplifier. It starts from the most advanced solutions reached during the design of Performance 2A3 stereo amplifier taking them to their highest expression thanks to the choice of the best electronic components available on market.Each component in each amplification stage has been chosen with the greatest accuracy and this lead us to use Holco non inductive resistors on signal path and, when this wasn’t possible due to the high dissipated power, the choice had been Vishay. In each case the components we selected are built in respect of MIL specifications and guarantee a really strict tolerance on nominal values.We also paid great attention in the design and production of what we consider the most important part of a tube power amplifier: the output transformer. This amplifier uses a transformer handwound using a proprietary winding scheme that guarantee at the same time maximum symmetry in winding and a minimum loss ratio. To improve further the performances on the high end of the spectrum and to minimize skin effect we use a silver plated copper Litz wire that assures a leading sonic result. They are also built with core in amorph and the winding is double wire for avoid the parassistic oscillation. Being characterized by fully symmetrical dual mono circuitry and individually regulated power supply thanks to the particular regulator module that has been used also for Performance 2A3 amplifier, this amplifier assures really low distortion level until clipping. The driver stage is composed by differential amplifiers biased with current source to improve intrinsic linearity.The output stage is composed by two 300B for each channel in Push-Pull. In this configuration we achieved in obtaining 21W. The output stage is fixed biased in order to improve overload recovery performances and this reflects in an improved reproduction of dynamic peaks.The sonic characteristics that have made it famous troughout the word valves 300B are further ehnanced by the particular circuitry of the amp that becomes its strenght in extreme natural mid high range. Not least the bass is present, without any coloring, deep and controlled.

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