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  1. Audio Art fortsetter 30 års jubileet med 20% på Stillpoints, alle bestillinger ut Okt

    0 Kommentarer Av Audio Art - 11.10.2018 10:40
    Vi kommer til å legge ut tilbud framover, se også hjemmeside for andre tilbud og brukt/ demo.
    Vi skaffer også utstyr fra andre importører, noe du er ute etter - få et tilbud - ring 97771998 eller email
    Bare en generell opplysning om alle produkter fra USA, alle priser der er oppgitt uten MVA - dvs en 25% differanse fra oss- ser at dette stadig kommer opp.

    Vi fortsetter vårt jubileum med å gi 20% på alle Stillpoints produkter bestilt fram til 15 November. Nå også i sort finish.

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    Stillpoints er nok den produsenten med flest anerkjennelser utmerkelser og topp tester som finnes av denne typen produkter, fungerer utmerket og er for mange en nødvendighet ikke et tilbehør, få det beste ut av de produktene du allerede har - bytter du, bare sett de under der også.

    Priser. Trekk 20% fra disse prisene.

    Ultra mini kr 1425 stk - sort kr 1700
    Ultra SS kr 2800 stk - sort kr 3100
    Ultra 5 kr 7900 stk - sort kr 8200
    Ultra 6 kr 9800 stk
    LPI (LP weight) kr 5900 stk - sort kr 6400

    Aperture II fra kr 8400 stk - se siden for options.
    ESS Racks fra kr 94000 stk - se siden for options og størrelser. Få et tilbud på den størrelsen du måtte ønske.


    Damping: a decrease in the amplitude of an oscillation as a result of energy being drained from the system to overcome frictional or resistive forces.

    Isolation: The act of isolating. The quality or condition of being isolated.

    Isolate: to cause to be alone or apart

    If you have a device that has direct contact from top to bottom, (12 o’clock to 6 o’clock) like single bearing devices, no matter what the materials used, it is damping -- not isolating.

    True isolation does not have a direct path between surfaces. Stillpoints patented technology stacks bearings such that there is no direct contact between the component and the surface upon which it rests.

    Human hearing is generally considered to be 20Hz-20kHz. With electronics, Stillpoints' technology effectively functions over 20kHz. Typical damping products operate below 20kHz; thus shifting tonality. Despite this tonal shift, Stillpoints can easily be used with damping products to great success.

    The materials used in Stillpoints are ceramics and stainless steel. They will last many lifetimes. What other product, from any industry, has the same permanence?

    After a very short break-in period, the Stillpoints filter performs without change or degradation.

    Considering the amount of performance and pleasure derived from a Stillpoint over time they are a unique bargain.


    The Stillpoints Aperture acoustic panels represent a whole new form of acoustical treatment. The Stillpoints Aperture is actually three products in one: an absorber, a diffuser, and a resonator. Due to its revolutionary design, it is impossible to directly compare the performance parameters of the Stillpoints Aperture to a conventional acoustic panel made of fiberglass. The performance specifications of the Stillpoints Aperture continually adapt to the dynamic changes in amplitude and frequency of the audio/video system generating the wave forms within the acoustical environment. At any given amplitude and frequency a “snapshot” measurement of performance could be taken, but, that static measurement does not explain the reality of how the Stillpoints Aperture actually performs.

    When using conventional acoustic panels made of typical absorbing materials, there will be only one volume level at which the absorbing material will control the acoustic energy within the room adequately. (This is a static system.) At volumes above that level, you would need more absorption. At volumes below that level you will have too much absorption and the room will sound lifeless, dark, and dull. The Stillpoints Aperture utilizes a blend of absorption materials, and a unique design of internal chambers to trap acoustic energy. The diffusion aspect of the Stillpoints Aperture breaks up the wave forms which will aid mid to high frequency absorption and reduction. The resonator aspect of the Stillpoints Aperture offers control of the lower frequencies only when it’s needed. Thoughtful placement can achieve wonderfully controlled bass frequencies with dynamic lifelike quality and speed. With bass energy controlled, one can enjoy a light, lively, sparkling room of shimmering cymbals and explosive drum attacks, with wonderfully clear midrange and vocals at all amplitude levels.

    The Stillpoints Aperture is the only acoustical product that will give you both absorption and diffusion at the first reflection points of a system. And you want both!

    - The Stillpoints Aperture have been found effective from 40 HZ to 40K HZ.
    - The Stillpoints Aperture’s unique trapping system captures an area of wave form much broader than its small surface area would suggest.
    - The Stillpoints Aperture can be used to trap waveforms either facing the wall or, facing away from the wall.
    - The Stillpoints Aperture design allows for artwork or photographs of your choice to be inserted in the frame thus raising the aesthetic appeal for everyone in the home.
    - The Stillpoints Aperture effectively increases soundstage width and depth. This is especially true for smaller rooms. (See the Michael Fremer review: Stereophile, Feb 2016.)
    - The Stillpoints Aperture will increase the dimensional perspective of the image structure.
    - The Stillpoints Aperture Stands are lightweight and fully adjustable.
    - The Stillpoints Aperture Stand allows for easy Aperture auditioning on location without need for attachment to the wall surface.
    - The Stillpoints Aperture Stands allows for close proximity positioning of the Stillpoints Aperture near a loudspeaker to control energy where a wall is not adjacent to the speaker.
    (ie: When speakers are not located symmetrically to the room boundaries.)
    - The Stillpoints Aperture Stands allow for up to three Apertures to be hung on each side of the stand if desired.
    - The Stillpoints Aperture Stands are very easy to move within a room for tuning vs conventional treatments that must be permanently fixed to a wall or ceiling surface.

    The Stillpoints Apertures will not:
    1. Decrease or limit the dynamics of the system.
    2. Diminish the power of the bass attack.
    3. Unevenly control one frequency over another. (This is often the case with traditional room treatments)

    DIMENSIONS: 22" high x 22" wide x 3 1/8" deep

    WEIGHT (depending on woods): 14lbs to 16lbs each

    “The effect of the Apertures in my room was dramatic: almost a sonic black hole. Despite the fact that my room had already been well treated with Synergistic’s HFT and FEQ devices, the Stillpoints made the boundary seem to disappear, greatly enhancing center-image stability, solidity, and focus —areas where I’d thought no improvements were possible. A second pair of Apertures, placed on the floor against the wall to the side of each speaker, removed the sense of there being any sidewalls at all. While RPG’s Skylines had made a modest improvement, the Stillpoints Apertures produced a truly dramatic and positive change in the sound. Your dealer should let you take some home to try out. If your experience with them is like mine, you won’t return them.”

    MICHAEL FREMER, Analog Corner, Stereophile: February 2015

    Walnut frame with black screen
    Cherry frame with cream screen
    Light Oak frame with cream screen ADD YOUR OWN ART: Permanent internal screen printed w/ custom high resolution files or removable external screen printed w/ custom high resolution files SIMON MARSH COLLECTION: Permanent internal placement or removable external placement
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