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  1. PMC klarte det igjen

    1 Kommentarer Av nat - 10.10.2018 14:44
    Surround yourself with the best!
    The WHAT HI-FI? 2018 awards have been announced

    After the superb review and achieving reference system status, the twenty5 series package has now won the award for 'Best Speaker Package over £5,000'

    Take another look at the ★★★★★ review below...


    twenty5 Series - 5.1 Surround System ★★★★★

    The twenty5 series surround system including twenty5.23, twenty5.c & the twenty5.sub have received the ultimate endorsement from What HiFi, it's now their new reference surround package.

    Having previously used a surround system featuring the PMC twenty series, the upgrade has already proved very popular being described as "a whole lot of fun. It's serious and appropriately analytical of its source material, but the punch and drive keeps us watching through to the end".

    Additional comments include:

    "The greater insight and texture make this one of the
    most lifelike reproductions of the human voice it's
    possible to achieve for the money"

    "the twenty5's are an altogether punchier and
    more agile set of performers"
    (compared to the twenty series)

    "the 23s look more like luxury furniture than
    the typical floorstander"

    "Usually it would take a great deal of deliberation before parting with a budget of more than ten grand, but we're struggling to imagine another such purchase we'd make so promptly"

    Link til full test:

    Norsk Audio Teknikk AS
    Ullevålsveien 13
    0165 Oslo
    Norsk Audio Teknikk | Let the Music Speak!
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    NAT: Som om vi noensinne tvilte...

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