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Piega imponerer verdenspressen med Piega Coax 711 - Flaggskipet i Coax-serien!
Med sitt helt unike koaksiale båndsystem og vanvittige kabinettkonstruksjon, er dette en høyttaler enhver musikkentusiast fort kan forelske seg i.

"This floorstander from Switzerland boasts one of the most impressive drivers in all of high- end audio: a coaxial ribbon of Piega’s own design and construction. Mounting a ribbon tweeter inside a ribbon midrange gives this driver perfect coherence no matter what the listening position or height. This coherence combines with the manifold virtues of Piega’s ribbons—tremendous speed, clarity, transparency, resolution—to create a speaker that, above 400Hz, has few equals at any price. Four woofers (two active and two passive) in an extruded and braced enclosure couple seamlessly to the coaxial ribbon. RH, review forthcoming" - The Absolute Sound

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