Chord Electronics Blu MK. 2 drivverk og DAVE dac - digitalteknikk i verdensklasse!

Opplev favorittmusikken din på nytt gjennom digital-guru Rob Watts sagnomsuste WTA filter med M-Scaler teknologi og 1,015,808 taps til rådighet.

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"The finest CD transport we’ve heard. Partner with the DAVE and we doubt you can do better regardless of price" What Hi-Fi

"Even if I hadn't auditioned Chord's DAVE, I would have been impressed by this DAC. Its measured performance is beyond reproach." Stereophile

"If you’re looking for the best DAC money can buy, the DAVE is a superb place to start. We haven’t heard anything that sounds so natural or insightful." What Hi-Fi

"A veritable tour-de-force of digital engineering - has the ability to transform your CDs and high-resolution files." Hi-Fi World

"A rare high score for Chord’s DAVE, but then this is no ordinary digital-to-analogue converter. From lab to listening room, this is an outstanding product." Hi-Fi News

"The DAVE gets the strongest recommendation we can muster!" Hi-Fi+

"The Chord DAVE is a truly extraordinary DAC. For me, DAVE is simply a DAC dream come true." Positive Feedback

"This is an outstanding source, a Compact Disc player, which shows that this format can offer an incredible value. A fully deserved, rarely granted GOLD Fingerprint." High Fidelity

"When DAVE entered my system I knew that music listening would never be the same once it left. The musicality with the DAVE in the system was the best I have heard from any digital unit has that been in my system."

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