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Da er NAT Audio sin integrerte rørforsterker, Single (som i Single Ended), ankommet vårt showroom. Ta kontakt for å avtale tid for en demo.

Dette er en heftig konstruksjon og bruttovekten til kassen den ble levert i var på noen og 70 kg.

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Single er en dual mono konstruksjon uten bruk av negative tilbakekobling og leverer 2x 50 Watt ved bruk av DHT-røret GM70 (DHT = Directly Heated Triode). Den er utstyrt med en kraftig ekstern strømforsyning av meget høy standard. Her er en beskrivelse av Single som er sakset fra NATs hjemmeside:

“Single” operates in single ended, zero feedback, pure class A manner. Power output is 50W into 8 ohms. Recommendation for the best result is to have medium to flat loudspeakers impedance curve, from 4 ohms to 16 ohms.

Driver (input) stage contains special tubes (triode) capable to act as low distortion voltage amplification devices.

Output stage form single military grade direct-heated triode type GM70, high performance device capable to give peak dissipation of 125W. It is a truly single ended design without parallel connection of tubes, yet moderate 50W of output power.

Hand crafted wide bandwidth output transformer (custom designed for NAT ) is used in this unit.

Output transformer bandwidth is from 10Hz – 60.000Hz. That is extremly good result for integrated single-ended amplifier, yet zero feedback design.

By specific technical approach output transformer in combination with power tube type GM70 may drive easy any type of standard loudspeaker.

Soft start improving reliability of entire integrated amplifier by avoiding voltage stress during turn-on procedure. Standby function additionally improving mention reliability, keep all amplifiers internal voltage at minimum.

There is no need for any adjustment from time to time of output tubes standing current. Electronic circuit automatically adjust current through GM70 tube no matter of tube duration – means constant current in time domain – from the brand new to the end point of tube life.

To avoid unnecessary heat from pure high class A operation, ”Single” has the possibility by adaptive bias (select on front panel) to choose lower mode - 15W of output power with reducing power consumption significantly.

Power supply section also speak for itself. Main 1.000w transformers (separate wound for each channel) are custom designed for NAT “Single” also works silently. For the purity of power supply voltage there is a special designed separate regulators also in zero feedback manner for all amplifier stages including the output one. On such a way sound quality is totally independent from line voltage instability. Tubes (input triode drivers) are by N.O.S. (new old stock) grade and have high reliability. “Single” is equipped with multi function remote control unit made from solid block of aluminum. Front panel is made from solid block of aluminum, indicate all amplifiers function with blue led display .

Attenuation is based on relay (with gold plated contacts and silent operation) network that is computer controlled – there is 100 position of attenuation and always is only one (single) high quality resistor on signal path.

Quality of electronic material that is used inside “Single” 0.1% Vishay resistors, electrolytic capacitors for 105C of working temperature, last generation of industrial grade semiconductors, Teflon insulated connectors, special designed power transformer, N.O.S. input tubes, high reliability silent relays with gold plated contacts…

Veiledende pris er NOK 79 000,-

Single fåes i finishene Black eller Silver.

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