Siste revisjon av Tempo låter bedre enn noen gang og med sitt smekre ytre slipper du å krige med din bedre halvdel for å få godkjenning i stua. Plasseringsmessig er de meget enkle å få til og de funker med et bredt spekter av ulike forsterker-typer.

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info@oslohificenter / tlf: 22 01 04 30

"Meticulously hand-crafted and masterfully designed to eliminate all manner of driver-induced and cabinet-borne resonances, the Audio Physic Tempo plus is that rare breed of loudspeaker that combines precision with organic warmth and grace."Positive Feedback

"If you are in the market for a floor standing loudspeaker for less than 6K, treat yourself to a listen. You will not be disappointed. Very highly recommended." Audiophilia

"For all the musical satisfaction Tempo plus delivers at $5,995 they represent a terrifc value. They offer fantastic sound; they image exceptionally well, and their forgiving sonic signature will mate well with a variety of components." Tone Audio

"The Tempo Plus loudspeakers offer everything the Audio Physic products are valued for, but in a more sophisticated form than same money could buy a few years back." High Fidelity

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