DSD DAC / CD spiller

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- Top Loader
- Drivverk: Phillips CDM 12 Pro 2 v 6.8
- Ombygd / modifisert / totalt vibrasjonsdempet
- Delrin platevekt ( ekstreme resonansdempende effekt )
- Genial kopling av CD plate til elektrisk jord under avspilling - som dermed kansellerer den statiske elektrisiteten som oppstår inni avlesningsrommet.
Statisk elektrisitet oppstår på grunn av roterende plate mot stillestående luft.
Statisk elektrisitet påvirker laseren ved avlesning og elektriske komponenter

CD8S har altså DAC for DSD ( 32bit / 384kHz ) avspilling / streaming via USB inngang

CD8S har også Spdif inngang for avspilling av annen kilde ( 24/192kHz )


How best to sum up the Metronome CD8 S? After I listened to Dmitri Mitropoulos and the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra performing Mahler's Symphony 1 (CD, Sony Classical MHK 62342), the first question to cross my mind was Why don't I play this disc more often? The Metronome reminded me of Mitropoulos's insights and importance as a pioneering Mahler interpreter. It reminded me of how much I love the very American sound of that orchestra, ca 1950. And it reminded me that, in the late 1940s and early '50s, some of the orchestral recordings on Columbia Masterworks ranked among the very best in terms of sound quality. I can't say for sure, but I suspect that, the last time I heard that CD, I wasn't quite so engaged.
On more than one occasion, my colleague Michael Lavorgna has reminded us all that the best gear compels us to take chances and discover new music. True, of course—but just as important is rediscovering old music that wasn't so well served the last time around.
About halfway through my listening notes for the CD8 S, I wrote, "This is a really nice CD player!" Apart from being the sort of thing that might look good on colored construction paper, perhaps decorated with Elmer's Glue and sparkles, that simple observation doesn't embarrass me too much: Some combination of qualities—the Metronome's good sound, superb musicality, and fine ergonomics and styling—conspired to make me smile every time I used it. Considering also that the CD8 S is the rare recommendable CD player through which one can stream computer-audio files (why doesn't every high-end CD player offer this?), and that this really nice CD player sounds even nicer when used as a USB DAC, a very strong recommendation is in order. Which I here make.

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