Sutherland - PH3D

PM Audio har distribusjonen for hele Skandinavia!!
Ta kontakt for forhandleravtale - i Norge, Sverige, Danmark, Finland, Island

Veiledende utsalgspris ( inkludert 16 stk D-batterier ): kr 14990,00
Tilbud: kr 9995,00

PH3D er en fenomenal RIAA til prisen og den er absolutt ren i forhold til påvirkning fra strømnettet - i og med at den ikke tilkoples strømnettet - men drives av 16 stk D-batterier

Settinger er:
Gain: 40db, 45db, 50db, 55db, 60db
Impedance: 100 Ohm, 200 Ohm, 1000 Ohm, 10 000 Ohm, 47000 Ohm

Ingen billige brytere ( dip switch ) men kun forgylte jumpere - for gain og impedance setting.

Strømforsyningen er totalt avskilt fra elektronikkdelen - og det er ingen overlapping/ parallelle strømpassasjer mellom AC og audio signal.
Dette er en klar filosofi i alle Sutherland sine RIAAer - og betyr MYE for den absolutt beste lydkvaliteten.

Kun meget få på lager som skal selges til denne prisen

Mer om Sutherland Engineering her: PM Audio

For info / bestilling:

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The PH3D is a high-value example of high-end performance. There are no frills – nothing fancy. The parts budget all goes towards putting really good parts into the signal path. Those quality parts, combined with refined circuitry have given much listening pleasure to its happy owners.
I will listen more this week.

Tilbakemeldinger fra kunder til Sutherland:::

Hello Ron,
I had a quick listen to the Ph3D and sounded very smooth. I will listen more this week. The Hubble is in Cape Town and will get feedback soon.


A great unit, congratulations!!!

Hello Ron ….
A very belated reply only to say I did buy one of your PH-3D units 2 months or so ago, from your NZ agent. Very pleased with it. Easy to adjust load/gain settings, gain is more or less enough, but a higher 65 would’ve been more desirable for my purposes, running a Benz Glider 1.4mv MC cartridge now. All sounds good, quiet, yet dynamic really does everything so well.

A great unit, congratulations, so keep up the excellent work.

Kind regards,
Rory Hoy

Very pleased with the PH3D!!

Thanks for the jumpers, which I received a couple days ago. I’ve been very pleased with the PH3D and am both enjoying my old records and cleaning up on sealed LPs on ebay and elsewhere. If you don’t mind an off-topic inquiry, my wife has been bugging me to ask you if you got Dolce from a breeder or somewhere else. As I think I mentioned, she’s been researching breeds for years in anticipation of eventually getting a dog. A Yorkipoo has been high on the list for allergy, intelligence, longevity, and all-around personality reasons.

Once again, it was a pleasure meeting you last week. Thanks again.
Your hard work has brought new life to our turntable!

We were listening to LP’s last night and Lisa mentioned again how much she likes the PH3D phono stage (we’ve been saying that to each other whenever we listen to records). Once again, “thank you”. I’m enjoying Howlin’ Wolf as I type this (Moanin’ in the Moonlight). Your hard work has brought new life to our turntable.

I absolutely love it!

Dear Ron,
I got my PH3D. I absolutely love it.

All the best,
John Dahlheim
Austin, Texas

Very pleased

Hi Ron,
I’m very pleased with my PH3D which I’ve now had for a couple of months.

Thanks and Cheers,
Kerry O’Neil in Rhode Island

Absolutely enjoying the preamp
First I would like to thank you for offering such a fantastic product at the 1k price range. I am absolutely enjoying the preamp and it is working very well with my system.

Mark Finkenbiner
Exceeding anything I’ve experienced…

With the Ph3D in the chain, this level of pure calm exceeding anything I’ve experienced. The Ph3D was superbly quiet.

Marc Phillips

Please keep up the excellent work!

I finally had the chance to have a listen to it yesterday and it’s truly a wonderful product! Time now to enjoy the music as intended. Please keep up the excellent work!

Anastassios Roumboutsos

Your care and attention is not common and truly appreciated

Thanks a bunch for all your help and quick responses. Your care and attention is not common and truly appreciated. I’ve always respected your work and now you have a dedicated customer. Enjoy CES!

Ray Ackerman
Recording Engineer
First Chair Recording

I was not expecting a response from the boss! Wow!

Hey Ron,
I was not expecting a response from the boss! Wow! I made the adjustments you suggested and all is good. The ground from my tone arm needed adjusting. I have it set at 10k and I like it better than 47k. It is amazing! Thanks for your help and doing such great work.

David M. Kaylie, MD FACS
Associate Professor
Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery

This unit sounds wonderful!

Hello again Ron,
I have decided to purchase the PH3D. The primary reason for my decision is the fact that you sent me a follow-up letter: It’s not often that the owner of a company cares enough to personally contact prospective customers to get their feedback. Another reason is that the PH3D received absolutely fantastic reviews.

Seth Katz

Ron, this unit sounds wonderful! Why don’t more people know about it? I think you’re a brilliant engineer. This unit is a bargain and should be selling like hotcakes, so to speak.


Thank you for presenting such a fine product at an affordable price

Everyone claims their phono stages are quiet but never seems to meet that claim…but the PH3D was by far the best unit I tried and it made a clear difference in the low level detail and quiet passages. In addition I was amazed how the surface noise from older LP’s seemed to fade into the background making the overall experience more focused on the music. I could go on and on…you build quality is of the highest standard and you product functions exactly as stated. In closing I thank you for presenting such a fine product at an affordable price.

Tom Ninetto