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  1. Markedets beste integrerte forsterker i prisklassen 20-30.000.- ??

    3 Kommentarer Av sound of heaven - 22.11.2016 23:12
    Audia Flight Three S markedets beste forsterker i sin prisklasse ?
    Mye kan tyde på det etter alle de fantastiske gode testene denne integrerte forsterkeren har fått rundt om i verden.
    Her er det bare å lese testene så skjønner dere helt sikkert hvorfor vi JWK Audio er så stolte over å ha blitt norsk importør av
    Audia Flight.

    After achieving a lot of experience in designing high-end equipment, Audia Flight is proud to introduce the new FL Three S integrated amplifier. It’s an incredible component, where every small detail is carefully thought out for the discriminating high-end audio enthusiast, and yet, offering exceptionally good value.
    Building on the widely acclaimed success of the original FL Three, Audia Flight’s advanced new “S” version employs trickle down technology and styling from the Strumento Series, effectively redefining what is possible in a high value, entry level integrated amplifier. The new FL Three S is considerably larger in size and weight, in great part due to new larger transformers. Power has been increased to 100W/channel and optional DAC and Phono sections add additional digital inputs and outboard cartridge loading, respectively. Consider the added flexibility of a high performance headphone output as well as five analog inputs, and the FL Three S may represents a phenomenal high value audio centerpiece for any audio enthusiast.
    Additional features and qualities, include full logic control, independent toroidal transformers w/ independent analog sections, a remote selectable by-pass feature with amplifier only and theater bypass configurations, eight stabilized high-quality, high-current power supplies, ALPS potentiometer, and large display. Together with The Flight Three S high quality aluminum remote and Audia Flight “System Link” capability, one would be hard pressed to realize a better high performance alternative.

    " Haute Fidelite " French Audio Magazine , BEST BUYS award!"I'm not afraid to say that the Audia Flight Three S is one of the best integrated amplifiers of the moment !" - Philippe David, " Haute Fidelite " issue 207, March 2015

    "Writer's Choice Award 2015" in “Best of the Best: from US Hi-Fi magazine "Positive Feedback" This device allows user to „see” music from a new perspective, to hear it like it sounds in concert hall. It delivers refined performance in a particularly calm (in the best possible meaning of this term) way. Equally good with speakers as it is with headphones. Perfect make&finish. Looks great on a wooden rack/platform – it represents Italian style after all!…Review: No. 134, June 2015

    Full, rhythmic, colourful, and swift as an arrow, an upgradable music machine of the top grade – for an affordable price!

    Reviewer: Stereo Mag: REVIEW SUMMARY: At its base price, this amp’s way with music is pure magic, and its highly developed musicality makes it a frm recommendation. We’d also suggest anyone interested should equip the amp with the phono or digital option, either right away or later as an upgrade: together, these options complete the Italian device and, while this pushes the price over the €3000 mark, it is easily worth it.

    Full, rhythmic, colourful, and swift as an arrow, the Three S sounds even better via its balanced input. An upgradable music machine of the top grade – for an affordable price! The arrow-true, charming and spacious-yet-smooth Audia Flight basically makes you sit there with your mouth open. How does it go in one of the current charts hits? Ah yes, „I Wasn‘t Expecting That“! It’s a lot of fun – especially considering that you can own it starting at just €2,500. I will definitely be volunteering for the next amp test...

    Group Test Comparison with: Audia Flight THREE-S (Euro 2,600) - 5 STARSIcon Audio Stereo MkIIIM (Euro 2550) - 4 STARSAnalogue Audio (Euro 3850) - 4 STARS Mcintosh Blue Horizon (Euro 8,950) - 4 STARS

    You will never feel short changed as far as sound quality goes. It’s easily the best integrated amplifier I’ve heard in my system.

    Reviewer: Mark Gusew
    REVIEW SUMMARY: It’s obvious to me that the FL3S is an incredibly well made component, where every detail has been carefully thought out for the discriminating high-end audio enthusiast. The FL3S is entirely made in Italy and it certainly feels European with its luxury sound quality and solid engineering. If the THREE series is only the entry level as far as the Audia Flight range goes, I would really love to hear the top tier units!
    I’m quite comfortable to suggest that they should be able to drive almost anything that you have to connect to them. If you want any particular additional flavour to your sound, finding a suitable speaker with that taste would be way to go, knowing that the amplifier has very little of its own flavour to add to the overall sound.

    Read more

    Over 20 years of experience designing cutting edge, high performance audio equipment has gone into ourAudia Flight Three S Integrated Amplifier. The result is, even by our high standards, an incredible multi-faceted component! Using the experience with our Classic and Strumento Series, every detail, however minute, has been carefully thought through for the discriminating audio enthusiast and music lover. And, yet, the Flight Three S offers an exceptionally good value and, like all Audia Flight products, it is made entirely in Italy.
    The optional USB 24bit 192KHz DAC board converter and the optional MC / MM phono board, the Audia Flight THREE S is an investment for many years of musial pleasure!
    The logic control, with an independent toroidal transformer, as in our philosophy, is independent from the analogue section and connected by photo-couplers only.
    A by-pass feature, selectable by remote control, allows the user to turn the Flight Three into a power amplifier through a specified input. You may include the amplifier in a multi-channel system as front speakers power amplifier, while using the same speakers for two channel listening with stereo sources connected to the amplifier.
    Rec input, Monitor and Preamp output achieve the full flexibility for this Hi-End integrated amplifier.
    The headphone output will give you the chance to listen your music with your headphone! The 15mm front panel, the knob, the feet and the remote control are masterpieces crafted from solid aluminium.
    The input selector allows the user to choose among four unbalanced and one balanced input(s), featuring sealed relays in inert atmosphere and gold terminations.

    Starting with its elegant Italian exterior, the Flight Three S has solidly built casework with a thick aluminium (10mm) front panel, positive-action metal pushbutton selectors, and a nicely-weighted pleasing to the touch aluminium volume knob, all expertly crafted and finely finished.
    In your hand you’ll also find a compact, ergonomic remote control hewn from solid aluminium. A large, blue OLED display will keep your eyes informed about the input choice (each input can be named as you choose) and other feature selections as you engage them.
    Inside the Flight Three S’s sophisticated electronic interior are a series of critical features that make this integrated amplifier perform well above other integrated amplifiers within its category. An high performance ALPS Blue potentiometer provides an accurate volume control at all settings.
    Eight power supplies are in charge of all amplification stages up to the driver transistor stage, with 13.200uF total capacitance available for the stabilised power supplies until the driver transistor section. Four high-current power supplies (72.000µF) are then dedicated solely to the output driver-stages. If that’s not enough, all inputs feature sealed relays in an inert atmosphere and gold terminations! And, as following our philosophy for best sonic performance, the logic control section features its own toroidal transformer and is connect to the analog section via photo-couplers only.
    Driving your speakers are two 100 Watt amplifiers with a large 500VA toroidal audio transformer.
    In short the Flight Three S is a dual mono design, with Audia Flight’s current feedback circuitry design, a sophisticated preamp section, and deep, well-controlled bass that brings your loudspeakers and your music alive with a powerful, stunning sonic picture.
    Interfacing with your Flight Three S is also a pleasure, with input selection, volume control, and mute control (with a memory of the previous level) via front panel or remote control . The user can choose from four unbalanced analog inputs (one optionally phono), one balanced analog input, and even from an optional USB digital input.
    The optional USB 24bit 192KHz DAC board with its high grade, discreet circuitry achieves a remarkable musical experience from your digital files, while the optional pure analog MM/MC phono board (via analog Input 1) will bring your turntable, phono cartridges, and vinyl collection to vibrant life.
    Not surprisingly, then, the Flight Three S also has many standard features. A discreet, high-performance headphone amplifier designed to properly drive your headphones of choice. A bypass (or “direct”) feature, selectable by remote control, allows the user to turn the Flight Three S into a power amplifier through any assigned analog input: you may then include the amplifier in a multi-channel system (such as a home theatre) as the power amplifier for the main speakers, while still using the same speakers for reference quality two channel listening with stereo sources connected to the Flight Three S.
    Finally, rounding out this well thought out, highly flexible design out is a remote trigger input, Monitor input, Record output, and an unbalanced Preamplifier output (with the ability to turn off the Flight Three S’s internal amplifiers should you wish).
    Overall the Flight Three S Integrated Amplifier is a pleasure to behold, to use, and to listen to with many sources and nearly any loudspeaker.

    Full, rhythmic, colourful, and swift as an arrow, an upgradable

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Visninger: 1752
Størrelse: 38.6 KbNavn:      audia flight 100.JPG
Visninger: 1997
Størrelse: 94.1 KbVi vil kjøre kampanje pris ut 2016 på Audia Flight Three S hvor man får med seg begge modulene (dac/phono) med på kjøpet eller man kan velge å få 25% rabatt på forsterkeren.

    Veiledende pris Audia Flight Three S 25.590.- nå 19.193.-
    Veiledende pris dac modul 3.590.-
    Veiledende pris phono modul 3.290.-

    JWK Audio/Sound of heaven
    Tlf:+47 464 29 861


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    Utrolig spennende nytt merke her til lands.
    Blir spennende å få tilbakemeldinger etter hver, om den virkelig er så mye bedre enn Hegel H160, som det hevdes på forumer utenfor scandinavia.
    Genialt at den kommer i flere versjoner, hvor DAC og phono er tillegsutstyr.

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    Noen flere bilder av Audia Flight Three S

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