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  1. Lumin - Nettverksspillere - Noe av det beste!

    1 Kommentarer Av Endpoint Audio - 26.10.2016 00:54
    Vi er veldig glade over å kunne presentere Lumin i Norge. Dette er den desidert lekreste og mest funksjonsenkle streamer på markedet, med en lyd som er særklasse.
    Brukergrensesnittet er genialt, det ses og føles bra ut og det er enkelt å jobbe med.
    Lumin er berømmet i pressen for sine produkter og utvalget består idag av flere forskjellige streamere, tilpassede lagringsenheter og en streamer med forsterker for de som ønsker et meget enkelt oppsett.

    Forsterkeren M1
    - Pris 19.990,-
    Navn:      LUMIN-M1-flat-front.jpg
Visninger: 929
Størrelse: 21.5 Kb

    With LUMIN M1, our aim was clear – take all the award-winning sonic characteristics that the LUMIN music players are renowned for and surprise people with just how amazing an integrated system can sound.
    18 months of continual development has lead to our uniquely efficient design including an oversized switching power supply and a fully-digital signal path all the way to the speaker outputs.
    Outperforming larger and more expensive separates, LUMIN M1 shouldn't be dismissed as a second system. With 60W of amplifying power it can drive room-filling speakers and has the same musical heart as every other LUMIN music player.

    Den minste av streamerne D1 - Pris 19.990,-
    Navn:      LUMIN-D1-angled-front-03.jpg
Visninger: 1013
Størrelse: 31.7 Kb
    During the development of LUMIN A1, our focus was to create the absolute best source at any price. No expense was spared in its production.
    With LUMIN D1, our aim was to try and retain all that award-winning musicality while compromising as little as possible in every other area.
    Reducing the size of the casing and removing the HDMI output help reduce costs without losing music quality, and using an auto-ranging power supply offered the biggest savings for the least compromise.

    Streameren T1 - Pris 39.990,-
    Navn:      LUMIN-T1-front-angled-03.jpg
Visninger: 929
Størrelse: 58.2 Kb
    With LUMIN T1, our aim was to try and retain all that award-winning musicality while enabling it to be heard by a wider audience.
    Targeting higher production quantities has allowed change in manufacturing techniques, resulting in exactly the same audio experience as one of the best reviewed sources of 2013.

    A1 - Originalen - Pris 69.990,-

    Navn:      LUMIN-gallery-5.jpg
Visninger: 923
Størrelse: 59.4 Kb
    Since its launch in late 2012, news of LUMIN A1 has spread to all corners of the globe, with awards and reviews coming from the industry's most respected websites and magazines.
    Computer Audiophile described LUMIN as "the network player by which all others should be judged" and 6moons' Joël Chevassus described DSD through LUMIN as "the most exciting audio experience I've yet had".

    Toppmodellen S1 - Pris 100.000,-
    Navn:      LUMIN-S1-front.jpg
Visninger: 942
Størrelse: 17.8 Kb
    Our FLAGSHIP model, LUMIN S1 adds DSD128 5.6Mhz support by utilising 4 ESS SABRE32 Reference DAC chips to deliver a total of 16 DACs per channel in parallel.
    While LUMIN S1 brings greater resolution and a more dynamic sound, no stone has been left unturned to ensure that the characteristic LUMIN musicality is delivered. This has involved tuning every part of the system to complement these new DAC chips, including revising the clocking system and enhancing the external dual-toroidal power supply.

    Transporten U1 - Pris 64.990,-
    For deg som har en DAC i toppklassen så har Lumin lansert en Transport basert på sin Toppmodell S1.
    Navn:      LUMIN-gallery-3.jpg
Visninger: 930
Størrelse: 62.6 Kb
    After years of requests from existing high-end DAC owners, the LUMIN team have taken the finest components from the flagship S1 model and developed them specifically for digital processing and output. Using a new dedicated LUMIN U1 processor adds upsampling and downsampling for every supported format – all the way from 44.1kHz to DSD128 and DXD – providing maximum DAC compatibility and optimization.
    As well as supporting DSD output over SPDIF (via DoP), LUMIN U1 also adds DSD128 digital output via 2 new USB ports.

    Biblioteket L1 - Pris 9990,-
    Navn:      LUMIN-gallery-22.jpg
Visninger: 939
Størrelse: 21.2 KbNavn:      LUMIN-gallery-23.jpg
Visninger: 955
Størrelse: 23.6 Kb
    Every LUMIN Music Player requires a server to store your music collection on. Previously, that meant using a computer or a NAS (Network Attached Storage), but now there is another option.
    LUMIN L1 was developed to be the simplest way to store music for LUMIN. It is compatible with UPnP standards and requires zero configuration. Simply plug it in to your computer, drag and drop your music, and then connect it to your network.
    Used in conjunction with the LUMIN App, it can also unlock additional browsing features.

    Appen og oppsettet:
    Navn:      LUMIN-gallery-14.jpg
Visninger: 900
Størrelse: 115.6 KbNavn:      hero-app.jpg
Visninger: 925
Størrelse: 87.9 KbNavn:      setup-network-nas.jpg
Visninger: 926
Størrelse: 25.5 Kb

    Les mer på Lumin sine hjemmesider!
    LUMIN - The Audiophile Network Music Player

    Tom Egil

    Ønsker noen å kontakte meg så er det også helt greit å sende en tekstmelding!

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