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  1. Audio Art introduserer stolt - UBIQ Audio Model One høyttaler

    3 Kommentarer Av Audio Art - 29.03.2016 09:32
    Noen ytterst få ganger ser du et produkt og tenker hva er dette- og går raskt videre å undersøker hva det er og får umiddelbart en «må ha» følelse.
    I dette tilfellet gjaldt det for meg da jeg for første gangså UBIQ One høyttalerene.

    UBIQ Audio model One fyller et gap mellom de gamle teknologier med papimembraner med et fantastisk utseende og byggekvalitet og eleganse som passer i de fleste hjem – noe mange av de gamle gode storekonstruksjonene vel ikke gjorde.

    UBIQ mål er å forene gammel og ny teknologi og gi tilbake kraft, kropp og naturlighet igjen i lyden og har lykkes fantastisk, jeg anbefaler alle som er innteressert å gå inn og lese testen og omtalen av firmaet som er fullstendig dekkende.
    Model One er nå deres refreranse.

    Dette er høyttaleren for deg som vil ha noe unikt og vakkert som gir livet og gnisten tilbake igjen i musikken og som setter pris på kvalitet og varig musikkglede.

    Kort fortalt er de laget i Slovenia av tre personer med til sammen 100 års erfaring innen hifi og design.

    Lukket kabinett laget av et spesielt Okoume tre med 12tommer bass og 8 tommer mellomtone av papir og en komprisjonsdrevet diskant og 89 db driftseffekt.

    Vi har akkurat fått en hyggelig melding som gjør at vi kan sette ned vår opprinnelige pris - Pris pr par blir kr 125 000 i Norge.

    Ta kontakt for en lytt eller prat. tel 97771998 - -
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    back to the fundamentals of a lively powerful and dynamic music re production.
    The birthof MODEL ONE is a direct result of Igor Kante's decades long quest for anaffordable, relatively compact speaker system of the highest sound qualitycaliber. Being an avid concertgoer he was mostly disappointed with the soundquality achievable even with very expensive audio gear.

    He always felt there must be ways to significantlyimprove the sound quality levels under the typical home conditions. In recentyears he re-discovered some of the legendary, classic speaker designs from thepast like Altec and Acoustic Research.
    Thelistening experiences with these designs were much more reminiscent of thesound he heard at concerts and certainly much more realistic than with theplethora of the modern speakers coming from the high end audio sector. The ideaof having the most desirable traits of the old school speaker designs (theauthority, dynamics, overall believability) coupled to enhanced levels of transparency — under one hood,seemed very attractive and finally led to his decision to materialize suchspeaker under his own brand name.

    So, ratherthan following the popular trends in speaker building we have chosen to followthe nature — getting as close as possible to the tonality and dynamics of livemusic. Under the guidance of Igor Kante, a passionate, highly experiencedaudiophile and retailer, the main requirements for the speakers were set. Igorworked closely with the industrial designer Janez Mesaric and acoustic designerMiro Krajnc to form the basis for the speaker that will change the widespreadnotion of what is possible in this size and form.Our team has always felt thatvisual aesthetics don't need to oppose the acoustic demands, but rather thatthey can go hand in hand with each other. The combination of a simple andelegant outer shape is aided by some strikingly fresh visual details thatresult in a very harmonic overall aesthetic presentation. Every detail, and alltechnological aspects of our 3-way speakers, reflects the highest demands thatwe have put on them:

    All drivershave much bigger than average voice coil diameters (tweeter 38 mm, midrange 54mm, woofer 76 mm).
    All driversare made out of the time and again proven materials that have the leastdamaging sonic signature: Polyester and paper cones (no metals or ceramicshere).
    The frontbaffle geometry and placement of the drivers were chosen with regard to thetypical room conditions and corresponding acoustic demands. The woofer isplaced at the point where it does not cause the damaging lower midrange/upperbass notch (typically between 100 and 200 Hz) that makes the majority of evenvery expensive speakers to sound thin and lifeless.
    Thisphenomena usually happens in relatively small rooms with speakers that havewoofers located high off the ground. Lower midrange/upper bass is actually thekey to realistic music reproduction. Various experienced music lovers describeit as: body, weight, density, authority, etc ... and we have ensured thiscrucial frequency spectrum is properly reproduced because without it the musicwill never sound realistic.
    Theinternal (outer) shape of the loudspeaker enclosure minimizes the internalreflections and makes the whole box less resonant. The box itself is made ofOkoume wood (Aucoumea klaineana).
    The12" woofer has an unusually large diameter voice coil (76 mm) with largevented pole piece and under-spider venting and is able to dissipate a lot ofheat, meaning the thermal compression effects are very low. Also, themechanical robustness is enhanced by the virtue of a very long X-max (conelinear travel). It operates in a closed box (no port) which guarantees highlydynamic and very precise bass reproduction without the susceptibility toinfrasonic noise and, with it, the associated excessive cone motion of theported box variety. Immunity to infrasonic noise is very desirable with analogturntable sources.
    The 8"midrange has a 54 mm diameter voice coil, neodymium magnet and an acousticallyvery well behaved paper cone. It operates in an aperiodically damped enclosurethat minimizes the internal pressure on the midrange cone, resulting in a morenatural and relaxed sound.
    Theoversized 38 mm tweeter works in a specially designed waveguide and togetherthey provide much higher than usual dynamics in the midrange/tweeter transitionarea and a smooth room power response. The tweeter reaches 30 kHz on axis,easily.
    The crossovernetwork, the heart of each loudspeaker system, is point-to-point wired and usescarefully chosen crossover points and acoustic slopes that allow for thegreatest micro and macro dynamics' responsiveness, as well as the greatestdefinition and transparency. The crossover components consist only of premiumquality material placed in a strategically effective manner.
    ​Anechoicfrequency response: 40 – 30.000 Hz, +/- 3 db
    Typicallin-room frequency response: 30 - 30.000Hz, +/- 3 db (since the woofer is asealed design the low frequency extension can reach 25Hz depending on theplacement)
    The speakerpresents an easy electrical load for all amplifiers by the virtue of itslinearized impedance (5 Ohm average).
    The outershape and all of the thoughtful visual details speak of an elegant, timelessdesign that fits into every ambience and will be appreciated highly even formany decades to come.
    Thespeakers are broken-in during the factory testing phase and thus areimmediately ready to perform on the highest sound quality level.
    Specifications:Tweeter 38 mm / Midrage 200 mm / Bass 300 mm / Sensitivity 88 db / Impedance 6Ohm / Frequency response 40-30 kHz +/- 3 db / Power 200 W Continuous / Weight42 kg
    Dimensions:42 (W) x 37 (D) x 118 (H) cm

    All of the above results in a frighteninglydynamic, powerful, precise, transparent and yet extremely involving soundreproduction. The natural tonal colors of voices and instruments, along withthe tremendous sense of authority and rock solid 3D stereo image, ensures anexperience that simply must be heard to be believed and appreciated.
    Thisspeaker is almost impossible to bring to its knees in SPL terms; it favors nomusic genre over another and is at home with ultra high quality recordings aswell as mediocre ones. This means that finally (!) you will be able to enjoyyour ENTIRE music collection and not only the »audiophile tagged one«. On theother hand, these speakers will allow you to hear the impact of every, and eventhe smallest change that you will bring into your system by means of differentcabling, treatments, etc.
    As all drivers are essentially fast by virtueof their constructional characteristics (low mechanical resistance and losses,powerful magnets) an added bonus comes in the form of excellent responsivenessat low to medium listening levels, making late night listening sessions highlyenjoyable.
    If the majority of current high-end audioloudspeaker offerings leave you wanting, delivering the thin, anemic, shrill,colorless, compressed sound — prepare yourself for the real thing: Ubiq AudioMODEL ONE brings huge joy to the music reproduction — again. Experience themusic in domestic environments in a way you thought was only possible at a liveconcert and this is precisely what sets MODEL ONE apart from the competition.

    listening to your music collection at home will become thrilling in unimaginable ways
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    Okoume tre.

    Okoume tre er et tropisk treslag som er truet og burde ikke blitt brukt til høyttalere.

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    Se min butikk
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    Grattis Norge

    / Marcus

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    Okoume tre er et tropisk treslag som er truet og burde ikke blitt brukt til høyttalere.

    Tropiske treslag

    Denne tresorten blir brukt til produksjon av fly, båter, møbler, kajakk m.m. så tviler på at noen få par med høyttallere vil bety mye. I enkelte land i Vest Afrika står det for over 60 % av produksjonen og flere andre land eksperimenterer med beplantning av Okoume tre.

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